That is me up there… saying “Aloha and Welcome!”

Let me see if I can’t help you find your way around this site with ease!

∞ Want to knit something?

•I have some FREE PATTERNS! I try to post new ones frequently, so start on these and hopefully there will be something new once you are pau!

•There are some patterns for purchase, too! When you buy one of my patterns it supports the making of more patterns, both free and for purchase. When you buy for yourself or gift to others, YOU show me I am on the right path!

• There are a few tutorials to help you as well! Be on the lookout for even more in coming weeks!

∞ Want to connect?

Subscribe to my mailing list! You get personalized attention from me, frequent coupons, and special things I only share via the newsletter…like a free birthday pattern for you I am finishing up!

•Follow the blog! Click that menu bar on your left and choose the way YOU want to keep updated!

•Watch the podcast! There are some oldies and some newbies. Beginning in March 2015 you can expect to see them regularly {again!—or maybe for the first time}

•See what I am up to and make friends on fun social platforms! I am on Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry and Kollabora

∞Want to get in touch with me right now?

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