Inverness, 1945


Claire’s adventure began here. The moment I read those words on the page of Outlander my adventure began as well!

Below you will find the pattern for the mitts. It uses just a little bit of each colour from the month of April’s parcel (you will see that information in the pattern notes to help you with planning this project) If you have leftovers from the March skeins you can try knitting a pair in those leftovers as well!

Click to download: Inverness, 1945**

Our wonderful project bag creator, Louise, was planning a trip to Inverness. I asked Louise  to send over some photos so we might have opportunity to see Inverness as it is now and hopefully add colour to our imaginations as we read or re-read the Outlander series! Below you will see those pictures as a slideshow. ENJOY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

**This extra pattern will be available for you free on Ravelry to download on 1 May. I will not be uploading it there until May in the hopes of avoiding confusion to others on Ravelry who are a bit baffled at the price of the patterns for our Clan. They are priced to keep them exclusive whilst giving you the opportunity to add them to your Ravelry library. Thank you in advance for using the PDF for now.

5 thoughts on “Inverness, 1945

  1. Ted says:

    The mitts are awfully cute, though a little dainty for me. I have some changes rolling around in my head to make them a little more masculine for me. Plus, I’ll have to size them up a little. I have smallish hands for a guy, but I’m still about an 8.5-9″ hand.


    • A few thoughts:
      You could use the brown as the start of the modified rib stitch and instead of using the blue yarn from April’s kit you could use any left over yarn you may have from Feb. (the umbra) I would go up a needle size, keep the numbers the same and the difference could be enough to give it that added bit of stretch.

      Another idea is to use April’s leftovers in this knit as a treat for some lucky female friend that would be floored at your knitting skill and generosity!

      You really have opened my eyes to thinking a bit broader as I design, to remember the wonderful men in our craft and to make a more intentional effort of remembering they too would like to knit things they can keep. I hope the designs haven’t left you feeling nonplussed or excluded.

      Again, you and a few other male knitters in the Clan have brought me more awareness than I previously had and my sincere appreciation is to you!


      • Ted says:

        On the contrary, I have enjoyed all of the knits we have done for the Clan.

        I may just make the gloves for a friend of mine. I’ve been teaching her the knit. She’s just completed her first sock.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Love this! How wonderful! And I love all of it! The fact you are enjoying the knitting as well as teaching others! it is a great gift, teaching someone about what you love. Good for you =)


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