Weaving In Ends

In hopes of helping everyone with understanding the tutorial, I am sharing through a series of photos, sketches and written words how to do this rather than video. No downloading or replaying it. Just straightforward!

You may find working a few ends alongside the tutorial helpful. After a bit of practice you will be weaving like Athena or Arachne! (Just don’t get too confident! We all know what fate prideful Arachne suffered!)


There are so many ways to weave in ends. If you have a tried and true way, I encourage you to keep on using it AND TO SHARE IT! If you aren’t certain of how to do it, below is the way I like and works well for the Mauna Kea sweater.

For this activity you will need:

  • Your sweater
  • A tapestry needle (I prefer a very large eye on mine!)
  • Scissors


This is the path the weaving will take.

Let’s go from sketch to actual yarn and sweater shall we?

I started with the actual loose ends for this tutorial, but the colors are so similar that for teaching purposes they were ineffective.

So lets add a dash of sunshine to the mix, shall we? Click on the first photo for a closer view, then press or click your right arrow key to advance picture by picture. Descriptions for the weaving are explained in more detail following the photo collection.)

• We are starting with our sweater INSIDE OUT, so reverse stockinette is facing us. The loose end is already here so lets simply tuck it into a wide eye tapestry needle. Glide beneath the knit stitch facing us to the left and we can begin working through the purl bumps. (photos #1 -4)


•We are heading upward, and will go in through the nearest purl bump. We want to mimic the stitches already created so we travel over one bump to the left and prepare to head back down from where we began. Using the same idea of following along an already established path, move again to the left one bump next door and then back up a row to the stitch from whence we came.

Repeat in this way (photos #5-13) until you arrive at out knit stitch ridge. (photo #14)

Here I weave beneath, and for my own personal comfort I weave in the same manner through a few knit stitches. My sweaters are utilitarian and I do a lot with my kids and husband about and around the great outdoors, so this extra step makes me feel more confident. You may not feel it needed.

You can spot the yellow yarn on the right side, but that is intentional. I want you to see what we are doing. (photo #15-16) When you weave in ends with the same colour yarn your weaving will blend. See? or rather, don’t see? 😉

There is another version is very similar to the above, only you work within the rows and do not travel up and down quite so much.

Weaving version 2

This version travels along one row


See the difference?

Both to me work well and keep my stitches tidy without adding bulk. As my mother (a seamstress of more than 60 years) would say: “If the ends stay put, its fine!” I have highlighted the first in more detail as I think it is a great fit for what we are doing.

Be sure to take your time–there is no pressure to all these ends in one sitting. It isn’t a race and we want to enjoy the process! I can’t wait to see your ends all tidied up! I look forward to finishing mine!

What will you do as you weave? Listen to an audio book (I am!) Some music? Maybe a movie? Or even better, perhaps time spent chatting with family? I can even see a quiet evening after everyone is in bed, weaving these in as I get time alone with my thoughts as being a delightful reward!

I can’t wait to hear and see what you do!

My best aloha,



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