Work That Body!

Aloha Knitters!

We now begin to get to the bulk of the knitting! You have come so far, so quickly. I hope it has been just the right tempo!

Soon you will have your very own sweater to wear smiling as others admire your handiwork! Can you believe the first photo is what was created from this one below?

IMG_0754 2

I tried on this sweater a zillion times as I knit it…and as I am re-knitting it with you! The part that usually seems long and tiresome, the body, was a bit more fun because of the side panels…which we start this week!

IMG_0756 2

The sides are my favourite part…


Be sure you have noted any changes you have made as you knit to this point in out K2G. Change is great! We just want to be able to replicate things later as well as have reference point for sleeves when we head back this way!

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