Moving On With Musubi!

Aloha Test Knitters for MUSUBI! (and bc a few have asked, it is pronounced moo-SUE-bee 😉

You ladies are really splendid and doing a great job!

What I need now are a few assessments to help my tech editor and I work through any hiccups.

  1. Please respond below with where you are in your knitting
  2. Have you followed the instructions as written or did you make corrections/adjustments? If so please share with us exactly what they were.
  3. When you see a stitch count listed could you please verify the number of stitches you had? KEEP IN MIND: if your numbers are different that what is listed, do not be embarrassed! YOU COULD VERY WELL HAVE THE CORRECT COUNT!
  4. Give a tentative assessment as to how much longer it will take you to have the pieces of the sweater knit— not seamed and finished, just the fronts, back and sleeves. That way in case you need help with picking up stitches or seaming we can go over that!
  5. As you look over the pattern, do you need a tutorial for anything? How to seam, how to pick up stitches, things of that nature.

Please answer these questions in the above order with a number beside each of your answers/assessments to help keep us straight =)

These seemingly little things are very helpful to us!

Mahalo Nui Loa!


Aloha Knitters! I am sorry I have been a bit slow to respond. Our neighbor and friend lost her husband just days ago and has been overwhelmed with things and her children and getting family to arrive. I have not been attentive to much apart from how our family could help. I am back on things this morning and will be reading each comment before posting the (hopefully!) finalized pattern today. I understand the North East is snowed in today, so I bet you may have a moment or two to knit!

I will look in to sleeve adjustments as well for those who have mentioned it. If all knitters could comment below with SLEEVE INFO in all caps at the top of your comment and share with me how your sleeve measures, as well as refresh my memory with your yarn (and fiber content) It helps me at a glance seeing all of that in one spot =)



Please note! If you have already knit your pieces and are seaming, the sweater should still work fine! Having said that, if you want to rip back the top portion of the back we did alter the decreases.

35 thoughts on “Moving On With Musubi!

  1. Where I’m at (I am making the small):

    I have completed the left & right fronts. I am on hold on the back at the beginning of the raglan shaping (B.O. 2 sts)
    I did not make any changes or adjustments.
    So far all stitch counts have been spot on!
    I believe I will be done knitting the sweater tomorrow, the very latest Saturday.
    I think I will be okay on seaming too.

    So much fun Mel! The pattern is so much cuter the correct way!



  2. Oksana says:

    I have completed the back, left & right fronts.
    I did not make any changes or adjustments.
    So far all stitch counts have been good, but front panels longer than back ( I will revisit tonight)
    I’m pretty sure sweater will be finished by Saturday.
    I think I will be okay on seaming.



  3. Lisa Ragan says:

    I am knitting the small size, and have finished both fronts and am working on the back.
    I have followed the instructions exactly, except I confess to “fudging” just a bit because i missed one decrease and made it up later. 😦 The only thing that I had a question about was already answered…at one point in the decrease row, at the end of the row, I did a K1, yo to keep the yo column at the end of the row…Sarah’s answer indicated maybe doing stockinette, so that might count as an adjustment.
    Stitch counts were accurate…mine always came out as stated in the pattern.
    4.It is my goal to have it finished by Saturday. I’m having a little “mini-retreat” while my daughter is in rehearsals for District Band…long hours alone with my knitting in a hotel room with few distractions should make that quite doable.
    It looks straightforward from here on…although I’m known for envisioning things one way and having it be different when I actually do it. I don’t anticipate any trouble.


  4. Connie says:

    I have finished the 2 fronts.
    I haven’t made any adjustments. I did make a mistake when doing the raglan shaping but it was my fault for not reading correctly. Was doing the decreasing every other row instead of starting out every row.
    My stitch count has been as directed.
    Realistcally, probably won’t be finished until early this coming week.


    • Thanks for the update Connie! Would you mind snapping a photo or two and mailing them to testknittingwithmel (at) gmail (dot) com ? I am hoping to gather a few photos from all of you to either share in my next video message or to post on your Musubi page as inspiration to each other! =)


    First: EACH ONE OF YOU IS WONDERFUL! Your feedback is great!
    Second: The updated pattern to correct the back to match the fronts will post soon, and on this page (above)
    Third: I did not see where any of you said you needed tutorials so do feel free to seam up (I recommend the mattress stitch and to avoid pulling your seams tightly—of course avoid making them too loose!Keep your tension even)
    Fourth: My hope is to have a video message up to you all tomorrow =)


  6. OffToExplore says:

    Hi everyone! Mel is still working with her tech editor, Amy, on making adjustments to the back. She should have a final solution for you by tomorrow. Everything is fine up until the decreases on the back, so if you want to knit up to that point and then take a break, we should be ready for you soon.

    A big thanks to those of you who have emailed me progress photos! It is looking good!


    A quick update:
    •The back of the sweater is actually longer than the front intentionally, but there is an error with the number of rows. Please feel free to knit the back up to the deceases and set it aside on waste yarn.
    •Please move forward with the sleeves as they are correct
    Thanks for drawing my attention to this and being patient as I make sure we have the numbers for the back nailed! I don’t want to have to RE-re-fix it =)


  8. Lisa Ragan says:

    I’m running behind schedule a little, as my Saturday didn’t go exactly as planned. 🙂 I am assuming the issue I’ve just run into is the one you’re working on with number of back rows…but just in case, I’ve hit my 10 stitches (in the small size) at row 13, rather than row 15, so that’s where I’m stopping…waiting to see if you tell me to knit 2 more rows even or move on to the next step when I hit row 13.

    I’m enjoying this knit now that I’ve got the hang of reading the pattern better. I have 2 daughters fighting for the finished product. 🙂


  9. Lisa Ragan says:

    DISASTER!!! My row gauge is WAY off!! My horizontal stitch count is still fine at 9.5/4 in., but my row gauge is closer to THIRTEEN stitches instead of 16 to 4 in. What on EARTH? It’s too late tonight to try to think more about this just now. For test knitting purposes, I’ve looked at the math and the pattern looks right. But if my sleeves keep going, I’ll have to pass over both daughters and find the daughter of the Jolly Green Giant to wear these sleeves!! I have just been blithely knitting along without paying any attention to gauge as I went.

    I’ll check in tomorrow, but I’m assuming that my stitch counts in picking up the border aren’t going to work for sizing. I AM SO BUMMED!


    • Aloha Lisa!
      Was your row gauge off in your swatch before soaking and blocking? If it was correct after you soaked sand blocked then you may just have yarn that behaves different before vs. after.
      Let Sarah and I look over what is going on with your length to see how to fi it! The sleeves, as the whole sweater, is meant to be a bit oversized, but the sleeves will come down to your knuckles, not to your knees 🙂 SO let me crunch the numbers for adjustment. Or you may want to think about reswatching with a different needle? I have to do that at times myself in some patterns.


      • Lisa Ragan says:

        Sigh…I got my swatch out and re-measured. It’s 13.5-14st/4in., too. I have no idea what happened when I was measuring? (Editing to add…I think was somehow going for a 5×5 swatch,and got that…my 16 rows fit in that 5 inches between cast-on and bind-off)

        So, for your test-knitting purposes, my sleeves are trash. However, I did make a note on my pattern that I wasn’t sure whether “Work 2(3,3) repeats of Rows 1-8” meant total repeats or whether you work the 8 rows, then reading that instruction, you work two more. I did two more, for a total of 3 repeats and then rows 1-4. At my own special, personal gauge 🙂 that is 2.5 inches.

        I’m not going to have time to re-knit the entire sweater any time soon, so for the purpose of fitting my daughter, I’ll rip back this sleeve, leave out one repeat of the 8 row pattern, and make increase adjustments (probably increasing on row 1 and then every row 6…I haven’t done the figuring yet).

        I held the other pieces up to my daughter, and it will be fine for her…perhaps a little longish for what the pattern intends, but great for her style.

        I’m now considering math…if my entire gauge is off, then would the stitch counts for picking up work proportionally, but, well, at a larger gauge? I hit all the stitch counts and row numbers a I should have all along…just longer by measurement. I’m going to forge ahead.

        I feel like a complete moron, and am ashamed to admit that I actually teach knitting!! Off to research some more about getting row gauge when stitch counts are accurate! :/


        • I am adjusting things over here to address what you brought up with the sleeves.
          A suggestion to help fit your daughter:
          Work 2 full patterns for the start of the sleeve.
          I would then (if i needed to loose several inches based on different gauge, I would work the decreases with fewer rows between them. I don’t think you will need to worry about the length of the sleeve cap as it will be comfortable to have a bit more room intuit area, and i don’t anticipate it being anything as off as super long sleeves!


          • Lisa Ragan says:

            Thanks, Mel! Good idea on working the decreases with fewer rows between…I’m not really so worried about fitting the sweater itself (I’m confident it will be perfectly fine, with adjustments; I’m an excellent “fudger” 🙂 ). I am more concerned about ‘doing my job” as a test-knitter and being helpful to you.

            I’ll be working on it this afternoon/evening…meanwhile…I need to focus on science and math for my kiddos!


  10. Connie says:

    I am having a little issue with my sleeves. I’m doing the medium size. I first read the pattern wrong and worked 8 rows of the pattern and then read that I should do 3 repeats – so I actually had 4. Needless to say the sleeve was way too long. I have tried it with 3 repeats and I think it is still too long. I am now going to knit 2 repeats and see how that is. Fortunately, it knits up pretty fast.


    • Aloha Connie! Could you check your gauge before you rip it out? It is helpful to me. The sleeves are supposed to be oversized (mine arrive at the knuckles) but should NOT swallow the poor sweater wearer!
      Can you let me know how long your sleeves are measuring as written? Thanks!


  11. Connie says:

    The yarn that I am using is Lions Brand Wool Ease. My gauge is coming out 14 rows/4in and 9st/ 4 in. Looks like this yarn is knitting a bit bigger than pattern gauge. Pattern section on sleeve with 3 repeats is 8 inches up to garter stitch section. 20 inches to raglan shaping and 28 inches total. This yarn on smaller needles is too boardy and losses any draping.


    • Oksana, if you could note any discrepancies you may have found with the pattern as a reply to this comment by me. Let me know if you see any glaring issues with your size instructions in the pattern.
      If none: then seam away!
      I recommend using mattress stitch and tacking the garment in several places along seam. U usually use waste yarn and just place little ties to hold it steady as to avoid shifting as it is sewn.


      • Lisa Ragan says:

        Tip for seaming. You could buy those expensive clips designed for this purpose, but I have found that the hair accessory aisle at Wal-Mart or Target has tiny little “butterfly clip” things that are perfect for seaming…and very inexpensive compared to the specially designed clips, and you get a ton more in each package. 🙂


  12. donna nutt says:

    well, I’m the group screw up. I made valentine favors for the grands an drove over there last week to deliver. left my knitting there. Asked daughter to mail it but who knows when that will be? I have restarted today and noticed something I didn’t notice before. I’ve printed out all the posts because I’m now a touch confused and need to highlight the pertinent issues. but I did not notice on my first front(or else did it differently from this one) that my yo passovers in Rows one and two are directly above each other, yet when I did the yo passovers from 5 and 6 on up today they line up with each other but not with one and two. which way is right? I will be late finishing but will have it done in a few days.

    No pics yet but will get some tomorrow. Hate this yarn by the way. I know thick and thin can be a design feature in yarn but I’ve never liked it. This has spots where I have to do a sort of respin to smooth it out and I’ve cut out whole sections of the yarn. I may run out before I finish this and have to do a contrast edging.


    • OffToExplore says:

      Donna, the pattern is staggered. The passed over stitches should alternate columns between rows 1-2 and 5-6. It sounds like you are doing it right!

      Sorry to hear you are having to start over! That must be very frustrating. We are glad you are knitting along with us!


  13. OffToExplore says:

    I am so proud of you guys whipping through this test knit! Many of you are almost done! Keep it up! The pattern will be released before you know it, and it will be fantastic to have some FOs to share!


  14. Donna says:

    GooD I’m glad I don’t have to do it yet again but I’ve been thinking and I think I know what’s going on. I think The first time around I read 5and 6 just like one and two because they are so similar. I think I read a little carelessly and should have read it out loud like I normally do. glad to know I’m on the right road.


  15. Donna says:

    I am rereading the posts. again. It’s that whole aging brain syndrome. Things fall out of the brain all the time. I had a comment on the gauge issue. I did my swatch on 15 s, 16s, and then 13 s trying to get stitch count AND row count correct and none of them worked. MIm using Lambs Preide from hell on mine. anyway the one on the 15s was closest, not surprisingly, but when I blocked I had to stretch just a teensy bit for stitch count, but I had to scrunch up to fit 16 rows into 4inches. so my square became a rectangle. but it matched the gauge so I went ahead with it.
    don’t know if that’s any help or not


  16. Donna says:

    Quick question, on Right Front shape raglan section. Instructions say to work 8 more rows for the small size. the actual parenthetical say 8(5,9). Just wanted to make sure that is correct before I move on. the nimble sequence in this one looks different from all the other sets of parentheses.


  17. Lisa Ragan says:

    I have all the pieces except one sleeve blocking right now. I know tomorrow is the deadline, but I’m not going to have the final sleeve done…I thought my gauge being off a bit was the reason for running out of yarn, but it turns out my LYS mis-marked the skeins with the wrong yardage…so I’ll get another skein tomorrow and finish up the sleeve on Thursday. I’ve got pictures of the pieces blocking. I think even with my math, the sleeves will be a tad too long, but not unwearably so.

    This has been a fun project, and I’m looking forward to taking pictures of dd wearing the final sweater!

    This evening, I’ll get it seamed up and scan my notes for you.


    You all have been such awesome help!
    If you could start a Ravelry project page when you are done, or really any time you want now! I have added the pattern to Rav so you can link your project.
    YOUR HELP WAS SO INSTRUMENTAL! Amy and i were able to catch several key areas to clarify the pattern.
    I would love to send you a little treat, so if you could email me connectingwithmel{at}gmail{dot}com and share your mailing address I would be so thankful!
    I hope you will keep sharing here as you knit! I plan to post another WRAP UP page tomorrow (friday) so look for it!


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