Patterns With Class!

Aloha! E Komo Mai!

Come in and welcome, I want you to feel comfortable here. I am hoping your interest in learning to knit, or moving forward in your knitting has brought you here. If it has, let’s get right in to things to get you started. Start by watching this intro video!

Patterns With Class are a series of on going patterns created for you to learn to knit even if you have never picked up needles before. I will share with you pattern by pattern, class by class, not just what we are making, but what tools we are using, why I chose the and how all the bits and pieces work together!

Patterns With Class are *free patterns* fully supported with free short video segments to show you each new step. These patterns and tutorial have affordable kits that contain every single thing you need to work the project: yarn, needles, notions. These kits are offered at a great value to give you the best start in your knitting adventure!

If you have access to a local yarn shoppe by all means, simply print out the pattern, skip the tutorial and head over there to ask your friendly knitting crew to get you started! Nothing in the world beats real life community!

If you haven’t access to a LYS, I am confident the investment you make in the kit filled with your pattern specific needs is not only a great investment in quality yarn and products, but a worthwhile investment in to your new hand crafting art.

Let’s Get Started!

image 4

Project 1: OAHU: The Sideways Scarf

Oahu means “The Gathering Place” and makes perfect sense as a title for our first project! We are gathering together to learn, gathering ideas and skills to help us in future knits and most of all gathering our courage to tackle a new skill perhaps…CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

 Coming Soon:


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