Begin the Adventure with Project 1


OAHU: The Sideways Scarf

Oahu means “The Gathering Place” and makes perfect sense as a title for our first project! We are gathering together to learn, gathering ideas and skills to help us in future knits and most of all gathering our courage to tackle a new skill perhaps!

To order a kit for this project head here.

These kits ship fast and include:

a 40″ bamboo circular needle, yarn needle, stitch markers and all the yarn you’ll need to complete the project – 400 yards in all.  U.S.shipping is free!

Gathering your own materials? 

Here is the list:

  • Approx 400 yards of two-ply DK weight yarn [Main Colour: 200 yds, Contrast Colour 1: 120 yds, Contrast Colour 3: 80 yds which will include ample yardage for fringe. If you purchase the special Rainbow Kit from Infinite Twist, you will have multiple yarns in brilliant colors to use!]
  • 40″ circular needles size US 5 [3.75mm]
  • locking stitch markers (1 for marking the Right Side of project and 6 to mark every 40 sts as you cast on which will help you keep track of your numbers–7 total. These markers will be removed after you make sure you have the correct number of stitches on your needle)
  • tapestry needle (to weave in ends and apply fringe)

Free Pattern Download Click Here: Patterns With Class Project 1

Videos to support this pattern in the order in which to view below:

Coming Soon…

Weaving In Ends

Soak, Block And Caring For Your Scarf

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