Polihale Pothole

Aloha Knitters,

Please watch this video and then read below for more information:




I can not express mow much I regret that this is not a stellar moment. I have had a suggestion to continue knitting and just cut the yarn where necessary and weave in those ends later. I just don’t see that as being the best solution. I want you all to knit with yarn that you can wholeheartedly recommend to others. Between the splitting yarn and the slubs I don’t think we are at a place we can do this.

At present Sarah will be unable to get us replacement yarn. She will be giving you all a refund and I will post to you what our next steps with the yarn will be. Please email me at connectingwithmel@gmail.com and I will help you arrange repayment.

For now if you could look over your yarn and take a few photos of any troublesome spots in your yarn and perhaps let me know the frequency at which they are occurring I would be very thankful. For clearest images, please take photos against a white backdrop, perhaps just a bit of photocopy paper.

I do ask for your forgiveness in this. My sincerest apologies and deepest alohas,


7 thoughts on “Polihale Pothole

  1. Connie Crill says:

    Mel, potholes are usually hidden, especially with all of the crazy winter weather we’ve all had these past few weeks.

    You could not have foreseen any of these issues, and I have nothing to forgive. We’ll move ahead in whatever manner you decide. Please forgive yourself, and let’s chalk this one up to another test knitting experience!

    Thanks for arranging things with Sarah…I’ll contact her.

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  2. Grace abounds for both you, Mel, and Sarah at the Copper Corgi. Neither of you knew this would happen. Know that you are forgiven and I look forward to continue working with you both in the future as the kinks are worked out of the yarn, when ever that time comes.

    Blessings, Sarah


  3. claudiap13 says:

    Aloha Mel! Please, nothing to forgive. Sometimes things don’t work as we expect, and we just need to start all over again. You are looking after your knitters and I do appreciate that. You and Sarah are honest people you want the best for us. Thank you sincerely. Take your time and I will be ready for what is next. Big bear hug!


    • Mahalo to you for being so understanding! All of you are being wonderful. If everyone would please continue in this vein and look thoroughly through their yarn, photographing any slabs, frays etc as illustrated in the photos in the above post…I know it is a bit time consuming, but it will help us assess how to move forward and still make this a positive experience! =)
      Deepest love to all of you!


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