Questions, Chattering and Updates Oh My!

Aloha Dear Knitters!

I will use this page as a quick “catch all”! And you can use it that way too! Have a Q?  A comment that doesn’t fit in under any other headings? Want to share a funny story that happened as you knit? Maybe a link to your project page? Whatever! I will post up here any news and updates and you guys run away in the comment section!


The PDF posted yesterday has been updated Mauna Kea Pattern v 2.0. Writing the pattern was so much easier than dissecting the pattern!
Also of note:
I am reminded that some of you are new to sweaters, HURRAH!  Be sure to repeat the entire portion within the asterisks ” * * ” when asked to repeat for the rest of the round. The knitting only from marker to marker become the front & back. The portions we work the ribbing become the sleeves. It is pretty magical to knit a sweater, no matter how many times you do!

Another Awesome Update is the Mauna Kea Timeline Of AwesomenessIt shows everything from dates we will have updates to the pattern, to reminders to snap progress pictures, to scheduled VKNs!


UPDATE 11/5: My A to Your Q!

I had a great question posed to me that I thought perhaps You wondered as well:

Why not simply host the MK K2G on Ravelry? Wouldn’t it be easier and all in one place? Wouldn’t there be more participation?

The question is awesome for loads of reason. The first: it shows You care about me and my success! That is at once flattering, inspiring and really heart warming— in short this question makes me smile at my inbox!

Let me hit hit some highlights of answers to this in the hopes of clarifying things i considered when putting together this K2G:

  • I like doing things differently! When designing I spend quite a bit of time alone either developing the idea or creating the product. That time alone allows plenty of opportunity to think and brainstorm, to dream up ways of doing things, not just in stitches but in working with others.
  • Ravelry is awesome, but not everyone is plugged in there. I enjoy Kollabora as a place to interact with other crafters. My blog is where I spend the most time, so it is a natural place for me to want to center myself. I like the succinct way Twitter hones what we want to ask or share. Instagram makes my day!
  • This K2G was not intended to be “all in one place”— from the start I knew I wanted to incorporate Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo (for my videos), audio chats and Virtual Knit Nights. I wanted to offer ways I like connecting in the hopes of sharing with You perhaps new venues to connect! Trying new things breeds creativity!
  • There is no way I could have all this on a thread in Ravelry, on SpaceCadet or SingleHandedKnits Group.
  • Even though it would give loads of exposure form a marketing standpoint, my focus is only to connect with YOU! YOU bought this kit and You are my focus.
  • Easier for You? I know the way I have chosen to do this K2G is different, but I wouldn’t say it is more difficult. You have been introduced to a different forum and are in a discovery state looking around through various links and pages. Give yourself a few days to get your sea legs! The Main Page for this K2G will have all updates and links in one place so you never will get lost if you look to: A QUICK PLAN OF ACTION to see what is added to the list.
  • AND BEAR IN MIND: You can totally chat and share on Ravelry! I ask that you please not discuss pattern specifics (numbers and such) but by all means adding to our group opportunities to share is fine. I just want to let you know I have spent a great deal of time and effort creating this here and here is where you can reach me quickly!

Honestly, I could have released this pattern traditionally with the kit as always: you get the kit, the pattern to knit from and Boom! There it is! I could have a “Help for MK” page with a FAQ thread on Rav. It certainly would require a ton less time and effort on my part compared to the K2G this way, but my goal was and remains:


And lastly… I don’t know about You, but if I pop on to Revelry or Pinterest or a site about Benedict Cumberbatch I find I spend WAAAAYYYY longer there than I had planned. I am weak, so very weak….

Anyway! I hope this answers any questions You may have! Chatter where You like! Ak questions here or email me Show off your stuff on twitter, instagram Revelry, Pinterest, Flicker…wherever! I will definitely see you around here and some of those other social spots! Happy to have this opportunity to Knit2Gether!

What do You think? Feel free to respond below! You can respond anywhere in the comments on any page about anything! =)

11 thoughts on “Questions, Chattering and Updates Oh My!

  1. Susan Scott says:

    Other than voting after work, I have no kids commitments this evening! I can’t wait to cast-on! BTW, I am doing South China Sea from dark to light. I don’t know if anyone else is doing this, so I will be sure to tweet pictures as I go. BTW #2, I am wearing my Pau Hana sweater today is Space Cadet/Mel solidarity. Cheers everyone!


  2. Patti says:

    I’m having trouble with gauge. I get 20 stitches to 4″ and only 26 rows to 4″ on 7s. If I move to 8s, I get 18 stitches and only 23-24 rows to 4″. What to do?


    • What a great question! There are a few different solutions!
      You can re-try swatching with different needles: if you used metal before you can try wood or vise versa. I find that does effect gauge. HOWEVER: since your stitch count is good and the row count is what is not measuring up it would be far easier to adjust for length. I even share about that once we start the raglan increase section. I talk about how and why to increase, as well as specific tweaks to your stripes so that way there is little guesswork with “What happens to the stripes?!”
      So===> AIM FOR STITCH COUNT TO BE CORRECT! We can work with rows being a bit stubborn.
      Does this help you?


      • Patti Tschaen says:

        Thanks, yes that helps. I will try on wooden needles since the two gauge swatches I did were on metal. I have a set of 7 circs that I could do it on. So, I’m thinking if the gauge does stay the same, 7s are the ones I should use because of the stitch count and closer row count?


        • Yes, I think using your stitch count per inch is a better way to determine needle size for this particular project. It isn’t always the case, but for this it should be fine! =)


  3. Susan Scott says:

    I have to admit, the multiple forums were a bit too much in the beginning, but as I am on Twitter near constantly (don’t tell my employer), that will be my main mode of contact. I think of this a a little something for everyone – if your FB, tweet, post here, whatever. Can’t do them all, but certainly one or two!

    I watched/listened to the videos yesterday, CO last night and knit about half of the neckline before my evening wine. Hope to finish neckline this evening – those knit thru the backloop’s are getting faster!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Now that I figured out Instagram, and have posted here several times, I am getting used to this. What is less intuitive for me still is when new things get added on. I didn’t realize the calendar was linked until someone mentioned it in Ravelry. I will get better at that I think as time goes on. It is not harder, it is just different.

    I really enjoyed the videos, and having the location does make it seem more exclusive, but I am missing the group that usually occurs on Rav. I hope that will increase over time, as this does get me away from the hubbub that is Ravelry.


  5. Luv2CUSmile says:

    Love the idea! & Yes, you are right- This is different so I will have to get my sea legs, step out of my comfort zone, and attempt to enjoy the festivities! I have browsed each section that you have posted thus far and I am excited to get started now. It looks like you have loads of help and support for the pattern. I haven’t watched the videos yet but then, I am still getting my swatch together.
    A question- (And I am not sure if this is the place for it)- I want to do my MK like yours in the Dark Skies. I am wondering if I can just swatch a gauge swatch and forgo the others? Trying not to swatch so much and keep my yarn for the sweater. Plus being able to get started. I am not a fast knitter and don’t have lots of time. College finals and holidays approaching quick!
    Thx for any advice/suggestions


    • Sure thing! If you are certain that is the way you want to do it, forge on ahead with a gauge swatch!
      Remember I am not a task master, just a support unit so ultimately, you can do–or not do–any thing you feel suits you best!
      Glad you are here!


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