Swatching for Kalapaki

Below are the instructions for knitting the swatches or save this .pdf with the instructions: Kalapaki Swatching


You will need to create 3 swatches as mentioned in the video:

  • 1 to keep without soaking of blocking
  • 1 Soaked and blocked
  • 1 Steam blocked (final sweater measurements and gauge found on this swatch

Instructions for swatching:

With size 6 needles and Contrast Colour if you are doing a 2 colored version, cast on

29 st using long tail method and knit in double moss stitch pattern:

Row 1: p1 *k1, p1* to end

Row 2: As row 1

Row 3: k1 *p1, k1* to end

Row 4: As row 3

  1. Work your first swatch for 34 rows

21 sts to 30 rows for 4 inches after lightly steam blocking is what we are aiming for with gauge, so steam and block this swatch first to figure out what size needles you need. Please let me know what needle size you wind up using to achieve gauge.

2. On your second swatch you will soak and block it, noting any changes. You can create this swatch for 18 rows.

3.  For your final swatch, please work the pattern as instructed for 20 rows. Do not soak or steam. Simply record measurements.

===>> Be sure to record measurements as well as snap a photo with a measuring tape clearly

displayed and email it to me:

If all swatches could be completed and information could be sent to me by Thursday March 12 we can start on the pattern March 13th!