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Ides Of March

Ahhhhh, Beware The Ides of March Caesar!

For me March 15th was wonderful. It came on the heels of a Saturday migraine that was horrible. The Ides of March was a pleasant one…no betrayal by Brutus…

Why not pull up a seat, grab a project to knit or skein to wind and join me as I share some winners of handspun, an alterknit I am doing and a fun new KAL starting! Then be sure to read below for more details!

In this podcast you see me wearing my Another Piper’s Journey

I introduce you to Moeke-yarns which has a beautiful story behind it! I love this yarn—LOOOVVVEEE!

I share about revamping a shawl from Chickadee yarn to Sparrow which I blogged about here. Which leads us in to our new KAL…and which I am calling the brainstorming thread “Springboard for Brainstorming” and it is open on the Ravelry thread here. BE ADVISED: The Kal will actually have its name altered: ALTERKNITKAL Our Rav tag for projects will be alterknitswithmel and out hashtag is #AlterKnitsWithMelKAL

The moment I finished recording the podcast the renaming of it hit me, and I liked it immensely, so in keeping with the alterknit-ing vibe, I am issuing an alterknitive one! 😉

image 2

Easy peasy guidelines:

• You are invited to participate now through 25 May 2015 to knit one of my patterns (any of them: in my Ravelry store, plus Laredo and Pomaika’i) any way you want! Change colours, add stripes, insert new stitch patterns, add long sleeves, shorten the sleeves, exchange fingering weight yarn for worsted! Plan your own alterknit way to create something! I will be around to help! {Important info: I will be around to help and suggest things, but not to rewrite and re-work patterns completely, so proceed at your skill set and comfort level for experimentation}

• We will have lots of great yarny prizes and other awesome gifts to be announced and awarded starting 1 April! Yup! You read that right! Start participating now and you could get lots of treats along the way, not just for our FO thread! Enter as many different patterns as you like, each specific pattern may have one alterknit entry in the FO thread for prize drawing eligibility, more on that in the thread when it starts!

I will be sharing in weeks ahead specific pattern you can tweak and ways to consider the revamping! I hope you will join me and invite others to join in as well!

Much aloha,