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Each 1 matters

If you dropped a stitch in your knitting you might not know it right away… but it would matter, don’t you think?

Imagine a beautiful swath of luscious cashmere stockinette working up oh! so beautifully.

As you look down you see 2 stitches, here and there…unraveling…

You would notice where the stitch was dropped and you’d feel frustrated and maybe a bit bummed.

What if you think of those dropped stitches as kids who are missing a secure environment to share and create…

Just like fixing a dropped stitch, there are ways for each dropped kid to be noticed, picked up, lifted row by row by row.

We each have the power to reach 1. We can do it in different ways.

Over here at our hale (casa, abode, home…) we plan to take a night twice a month for starters to invite girls who could use attention, love and a creative outlet. We are launching the *K1,R1*: Knit1 Reach 1.


We plan to offer a comfortable, safe environment with a home cooked meal or dessert served family style,  focusing time on them, listening to them. We then will gather in smaller groups for our knitting adventure. This isn’t just showing a kid the skill of knitting. This is a connecting point, 1-on-1, so a young life gets to hear directly that they have loads of creativity and value that matters.

You can be a part! Help this idea reach others, either to encourage them to do the same thing or to support the *K1,R1* Project. Share this post on social media. On Ravelry, link it in a group you are a part of. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t take anything away. It creates momentum. It shares opportunity!

Support is through your knitting! The Wikiwiki pattern is the first in a series of patterns you can purchase that 100% of your purchase goes to buying needles and yarn, tools of empowerment and brilliance. The price is low to make it a great gift to give as well! We are not taking cash donations. We want there to be a good exchange between what you give and what we give you in return. You may think it is only $2, but when other knitters purchase and share this pattern too, those 2 bits add up!

Take advantage of joining the giveaway on Ravelry to win the handspun yarn donated by InfiniteTwist. Head here and share your ideas for a simple hat pattern, which is the first project requested by the crew of soon to be knitters.

You can totally reach one! With your pattern advice, with your purchase, with your sharing of this post.

With appreciation,


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Quick language lesson: Da kine is “that thing”…or sort of… in Hawaii we use small kine when referring to “that small thing”

Keiki is a small child or offspring. In Hawaii it can refer to orchid offspring or little human kiddos! But small kine is whatever that thing is… small kine = small thing

So What Is Small Kine Knits?

And why am I wanting to knit small stuff? Or more importantly: Why am I encouraging you to knit small things?

I need to see some results! I have so many BIG things with lots of yardage all over my needles. They are not going to get done today…

or tomorrow…

or by this weekend…

And I need to see some Finished Objects stacking up here people! I want to see some results! I want to wear some knitted pieces PRONTO!

So I got these sweet skeins here (yeah, photo is a wee bit blurry, but do you see those sweet kitty paws!?)


And this new pattern here:

gloria gloves



And I am going to blast my way through some knit-today-wear-tomorrow things!

And I want to see if you are interested!

No?!! Not yet?

What if I told you the AMAZING author of KNOCKOUT KNITS Laura Nelkin will be chatting with us in order to get us stoked about knitting smaller pieces with POW! Power? I am excited to share with you an interview with her soon.

What if I told you there would be some small kine treats for you?


Stoked yet?

Here’s the plan:

  • Focus on small
  • Try something new
  • Find additional community by knitting one of the themes!

Define “Small” Mel…

Let’s say 250 yards or less? Though I must tell you the Gloria mitts are ready to go and require 1 skein of Piper. So let’s not be sticklers on yardage… Let’s just think about having me whoop and holler for 25 to 50 yards! Let’s see how small you can go!

What about New?

Perhaps a new technique, new fiber, new colour, new genre altogether? You are the boss, You decide!


I know, I know. I am such as sucker for themes and categories! So how do these sound:


  • Gloves & mitts
  • Hats
  • Necklaces
  • Cuffs


  • Pencil bags
  • Journal covers
  • Mug rugs



  • LOL! If I knew a few suggestions to put here than the title above wouldn’t be the best title now would it?
  • For serious: nose covers, hats for cats, if you think it would surprise me then it goes here—nothing that my mum who reads this blog would be embarrassed by though, so steer clear of those things…

I plan to think small and satisfying but beautiful and wearable.

You can think whatever you want!

Participation will be super simple as well! Knit whatever you want. Knit as many small kine things as you want! Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #SmallKineKnitsWithMel and tag me @MSkiKnits so I don’t miss them! Add in your comments what category or what you learned!

Not on Instagram?

Post on Rav! Post on your blog! Post on Twitter! Just start adding up all the small kine fun for now! Between all of us we will see what you are up to! Also make sure to update us in the comments on how you are doing!

When should you start?


And how long do you have?

Let’s start now and see how much we can accomplish by Feb 15th!

Lots of little posts to follow!

Small Kine FTW!

And now here is BIG NEWS before you go!

The winner of the pattern on Kollabora is…..

drum roll please…

DOBSONEMILY! who totally made me blush when she said:

I have a bit of a girl crush on Mel and love all of her lovelies that she makes. She is quite inspiring to read as well, I’m glad you never gave up making knitted items!

Hey Emily! Contact me at connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com and I will hook you up!

Mahalo to everyone for the sweet words of encouragement regarding the interview!


Let’s get some big momentum going for lots of small kine knits!

#SimplySeptember, Keeping In Touch

Simply Share

Knitting is such a wonderful hobby…though some of you may want to throw daggers at my use of the word “hobby” as it may be a lifestyle, therapy, community, work…

What ever it is to you, it can always be MORE!

Your knitting can be inspiration to others. Folks in your knitting group may “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” over your creation.

The LYS owner may cringe in frustration with you as you have to rip out 11 rows…but luckily that class she taught on lifelines that you attended, so ripping out is so much less of a headache.

Maybe you knit at the local coffee shoppe and nobody else does, but doggone if they aren’t your biggest fan! “HOW do you do THAT? Hey guys! Come look at what he (she) made!” Love from non-knitters is a beautiful thing, and don’t be fooled in to thinking non-knitters do not appreciate this super power…they do!

But share, share, share my friend!

And one very easy way to do that is in pictures! Pictures connect us quickly, no matter what language we speak, no matter what fiber we use!

If you have a smart phone, have you tried Instagram? It is, in essence a Show and Tell time. A picture is captured on your phone, you small ever it as you add a phrase describing it (and a hashtag like #withmeldotcom to help folks sort through things quickly) and then you simply share it.

The photo at the top of this page I am sharing on Instagram and twitter today. It will take 3 to 5 seconds to share it and countless people will say What A Cutie! They may lean over to the person beside them and let them have a peek. If they spin, they may start to ask me fleece questions in the comment section. If they knit they will now see a face of the fleece donor representing so many others that make their hobby possible.

Sharing this simple picture brings a bunch of us a bit closer in our community. They squeals going up about this fleecy friend are nothing like the Hoorahs! you feel sent your way when you post your first sock image or progress on the sweater knit out of handspun…or your very first dishcloth! Yes, knitters do want to cheer you on!

You simply need to share!

Instagram screen shot

If you are interested now in sharing on Instagram, but don’t know where to start:

  • You will need a smart phone that can take pictures and connect on-line
  • You can also use you iPad or tablet if it has a camera and on-line capabilities
  • Download the free Instagram App by heading to the links below for helpful information :

FOR iPhones (Mac devices)



==>>Need something else? Simply google Instagram and “Your Type of Phone Name”

  • Make a clever user name for yourself. Lots of knitters use their Ravelry ID or their blogging name. Whatever you decide write it down in a safe place with your password too!
  • Find a few friends to follow! Following lets you see pictures those people share. There are many neat people to follow and you simply need to click the follow button on their profile. (the profile simply shares a bit of info about yourself or that person. When creating yours perhaps use 5 words that sum up your awesome personality or knitting ninja skills!)
  • Find me and say aloha! I am @MSkiKnits. If you look to the sidebar you may see some images I have posted recently, as well as a quick link to connect us!

Once you get on Instagram let me know! I will be sharing some simple things this month to make Instagram even more fun that it already is! (and it is! it really is!) So start with getting on Instagram today, look around, make yourself at home and see if you notice and inspiring pictures. You may find Instagram causes Cast-On-itis….but we will cover that another time!