Sunshine in Stitches

Today I am sharing cheerful photos of a reknit I have recently finished. It was such a fun process, largely in part to the colour and personality of the yarns I was using. I know yellow isn’t for everyone to wear, but it certainly makes for a cheerful knit!

Ikaika was originally created with 2 strands of Helix held double. The effect was a quick beautiful knit in hand dyed yarn that I didn’t have to alternate skeins. The fabric was soft and warm and thick. Perfect for what I wanted.


But then I wanted something different.

Airy and light and suited for sparkling springtime moments that come after the stillness of winter.

Using Penumbra and Helix held together created an entirely different fabric as well as colour story.


My girls would squeeze the fabric coming off my needles and each time say “So soft!” “Softer than a kitten” “Squeally-squeal-squeal!” You know… noises you make when something is just that soft!

And then I met little ball buttons!



And I knew I needed one more thing to add to this sweater…


And I am tickled with the results! (and the loops around the ball are shown intentionally as the picture is part of the tutorial with the pattern on creating the closure)

Some little changes went in to this revamp in order to encourage the best traits of the yarn duo. For me having already knit this pattern gave me secure footing knowing what to expect. Armed with that understanding I could confidently tweak here and there and there… A bit more drape? …Will that alter the sleeves? And if so, how? …A lovely halo, yes, yes! But will that hide parts of the pattern or enhance?

I played a bit with swatching and comparing, repeated that exercise a few times and had a nice revamp! For those of you who already have Ikaika, your pattern will soon have an update that shares this alterknit version. On Monday, Cate of Infinite Twist will have additional kits so you can choose to knit this newer version or the classic version.

Tomorrow there will post a wonderful giveaway as YOU have the chance to help decide kit colours!

Hoping you have sunshine in your stitches today!


Looking for more?

image 3

click the link above for free fun!

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It is November! Whhhhhaaatttt?

I feel like I just blinked and Summer started, now I am wearing flannel and dreaming of sitting in front of the fireplace! How about You? Did the fact that November is here suddenly pounce on you?

Well I am happily knitting along and thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of what is on and off the needles….

But first just a quick reminder:

If you want first dibs on seeing things, hearing about upcoming projects, receiving coupons…all those awesome treats that subscribers of the newsletter receive… Well be sure to pop over here and sign up! Some awesome things are due out in the very near future and those folks hear it first!


Well many of you saw me knitting Alana’s Back Up Jelly Bean Socks if you follow me on Instagram. I started them at Brother’s first lacrosse game in Myrtle Beach 2 weeks ago. I finished them off and we have one happy sweet kid! I did a true afterthought heel, and I must say I prefer the “forethought-afterthought heel”…you know the one where you put in the waste yarn rather than going back to pick up all those little stitches. I thought about trying to sugar coat it and say “It wasn’t bad….” but it was a pain. I was using my Signature Needles… and those small stitches were dropping off every other stitch and I had to pick them up, bring them back in to line with the others… True Afterthought Heels are for some…for me? I am popping in a wee bit of waste yarn in the future!



I began a pair of socks on Date Night With The Man about a week ago. I am using Stray Cat Yarn in Momentum colourway. They are cheerful and I plan to add a contrast Forethought Afterthought Heel (which from this moment and forevermore I will refer to as F.A.H.). The top ribbing is going to match the heels! These are 1 at a time on my sweet green signatures… and are living in my Caithness Craft Collective MacLeod Tartan bag. Louise is a blast to listen to and has awesome bags! (if you want to see the bags click the first link!)


The Mauna Kea Knit2Gether is off and running! We are making new friends as we create a sweater! I am having a blast as you can see below! I am also stretching myself out of my comfort zone and using some bright colors in this most recent interpretation of Mauna Kea in the Fervent Kit by SpaceCadet. Truth be told I am getting excited about how it is shaping up and find myself looking forward to the bright stripes when I am knitting with the dark ones. Do you like brights? This pattern will be available after we finish the K2G in December. And at that time those of you waiting for the pattern will be able to see some incredible inspiration for your version!

Speaking of INSPIRATION! My sweet friend and test knitter Michelle has been working with me to bring a modified Ikaika to those of you unable to get the kits. Now I have to say, knitting with Helix from Infinite Twist is my first choice for this sweater. You guys! I love the way Helix just pops with personality! Cate plans to share with you all the benefits of working with Helix held double as I used it for Ikaika.

Oh my stars is that persimmon not just JOY in Orange!?

For those of you wanting to work from stash…I am thinking of you too! So I shared some yarn with Michelle in exchange for her making sure Ikaika would work in a heavier weight single strand of yarn… And this Friday I will give you all the run down on it…with some insight from Michelle if we are lucky! She is pictured below before the sleeves were added!


I am working on stanza 2 for those of you that listened in to the {audio} podcast. The video podcast is coming and I do plan to make a go of it reciting from memory the poem! Anyone else trying to challenge themselves?

I am also listening to a Mark Twain audio book. I will soon share with you about that, as well as the sweater I just finished swatching for…It is my NovemberKnitTheWholeFreakingSweaterinAMonth Project I am doing. I am 98% certain I am not going to be able to get it done in a month since i have several deadline knits… but that 2% of hope…well it is going to motivate me. I may wind up knitting the whole thing inside of two weeks! And oh my gosh…the yarn! THE YARN! So stay tuned!

Well friends, I am headed back to my knitting. There is something on my needles that just has to get off very soon! And no, I don’t mean the aforementioned sweater…

And if you made it this far and read the whole post, I have a treat for you. Use the code WhenTheFrostIsOnMel in my Rav store and get $1 off any pattern. But shhhh! don’t tell anyone…they have to read the whole blog post and discover the treat for themselves. But you better hurry! The code is only good until Thursday November 6th, 2014. Do share the post wherever you want! The social media buttons are at the bottom of the page! And when you share, not only does it make my heart sing and my smile brighten, but You get a chance for a free pattern! The free pattern for the October “BlogShare” winner  is Ikaika*! Winner will be announced this Friday!


*What if I am Friday’s winner and I already have the Ikaika pattern? (Did you purchase the kit?)  Then you get your choice from the shoppe!