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Each 1 matters

If you dropped a stitch in your knitting you might not know it right away… but it would matter, don’t you think?

Imagine a beautiful swath of luscious cashmere stockinette working up oh! so beautifully.

As you look down you see 2 stitches, here and there…unraveling…

You would notice where the stitch was dropped and you’d feel frustrated and maybe a bit bummed.

What if you think of those dropped stitches as kids who are missing a secure environment to share and create…

Just like fixing a dropped stitch, there are ways for each dropped kid to be noticed, picked up, lifted row by row by row.

We each have the power to reach 1. We can do it in different ways.

Over here at our hale (casa, abode, home…) we plan to take a night twice a month for starters to invite girls who could use attention, love and a creative outlet. We are launching the *K1,R1*: Knit1 Reach 1.


We plan to offer a comfortable, safe environment with a home cooked meal or dessert served family style,  focusing time on them, listening to them. We then will gather in smaller groups for our knitting adventure. This isn’t just showing a kid the skill of knitting. This is a connecting point, 1-on-1, so a young life gets to hear directly that they have loads of creativity and value that matters.

You can be a part! Help this idea reach others, either to encourage them to do the same thing or to support the *K1,R1* Project. Share this post on social media. On Ravelry, link it in a group you are a part of. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t take anything away. It creates momentum. It shares opportunity!

Support is through your knitting! The Wikiwiki pattern is the first in a series of patterns you can purchase that 100% of your purchase goes to buying needles and yarn, tools of empowerment and brilliance. The price is low to make it a great gift to give as well! We are not taking cash donations. We want there to be a good exchange between what you give and what we give you in return. You may think it is only $2, but when other knitters purchase and share this pattern too, those 2 bits add up!

Take advantage of joining the giveaway on Ravelry to win the handspun yarn donated by InfiniteTwist. Head here and share your ideas for a simple hat pattern, which is the first project requested by the crew of soon to be knitters.

You can totally reach one! With your pattern advice, with your purchase, with your sharing of this post.

With appreciation,


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© Misi Photo taken from Ravelry pattern page

© Misi Photo taken from Ravelry pattern page

Graceful Pullover by Maria Yarley.

This pattern is not only beautiful, it is for a wonderful cause.
Let me share straight from the Ravelry pattern page:

This pattern was designed as a fundraiser for a dear friend and fellow knitter who lost her husband in August of 2014. I was inspired by her two daughters’ passion for ballet to create this pattern and hopefully ease some of the financial difficulties that she and her four children are facing.

100% of the proceeds from this pattern (after Paypal and Ravelry take their cut) will be given to this family.

It is a beautiful pattern and a beautiful story behind it.

Some highlights of the pattern include:

Sizes:  2 (4,6) (8,10)

Final Garment Measurements:
22(24,26)(27.5,29)in 55(61,66)(70,74)cm around chest.

524(690,798) (865,984)yds/479(630,730) (791,900)m of
100% Superwash Merino Yarn.
Sample is knit up in Copper Corgie’s
Savannah Sock Base.
Colorway: Pirouette

#5 US/3.75mm 32” circular needle or size needed to obtain gauge.

I encourage you to pop over and take a look  the Graceful Pullover!

And after you do, pop in for a visit if you missed this weekend’s post and link to the audio podcast! 

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A Little Love Goes A Long Way


How incredible are YOU? 

I bet you don’t know the answer to that.

Luckily I DO!

Remember that little post asking for a washcloth made by you to stand in for an old rag…


You all knitted, crocheted and even weaved (wove?) over 800 washcloths in under ONE MONTH!! And there were dozens upon dozens of store bought ones added to that number!

You shared more than 350 toothbrushes and toothpastes, hundreds of toiletry items as well as cash donations used to purchase band-aids and soaps.

There were individual knitters and groups! Friends who dug deep in to stash and crocheted! Letters of joy and excitement for being able to give to others. All shapes, sizes, patterns and techniques! Those pressed for time bought lovely washcloths and those were equally appreciated!

This past Sunday scads of volunteers gathered and packed 1700 hygiene kits. We did it in about 1 hour! Behold the power of the assembly line:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have been trying to record all the donors addresses to send thank you notes. It has been overwhelming! YOU are cherished! I am currently putting the final touches on a Mahalo Nui Loa pattern for you all as a small token of my gratitude. Once the medical team distributes the kits we will get an update and hopefully photos. They are eager to distribute your gifts. We had HUNDREDS more kits this year thanks to your kindness and efforts. (I believe last year they took about 500 total kits, so your help added to the tripling of that!)

How amazing you all are with your love! Kindness seems to burst out of you! I am so proud of all your hard work! Can you believe it?

 A little love does go a long way!

On that note, I would like to share a quick easy “love” thing that you can do that doesn’t cost you any thing but a moment of time! I created a new pattern as many of you have read about in a recent post. Oftentimes creating something means you put a bit of yourself out there for the world to see. Having others affirm your work really ignites the excitement to create more! Even the most confident among us need an “Atta Girl!” from time to time. So if I could ask you to show it some love by heading over to Ravely and clicking in the upper right corner where you see a little heart. That little gesture goes a long way in helping my patterns get noticed. It may seem like just a click or two to you, but to me it shows You like what I have made.

So Click HERE and share a bit of love with Ikaika! Then head back over here and let me know! Also, feel free to chime in the comments about your donations! There were groups and individuals from so many places, it would be lovely if you all met here in the comments!


MAHALO NUI LOA TO ALL OF YOU! The washcloths impressed and inspired people in ways you can not imagine. They are on their way to people you may never meet to continue sharing Your generosity!

Proudly share this post on social media and inspire others to give of themselves in small ways today! Simple acts have unimaginable impact in the world around us!

Biggest of hugs for YOU,



Trading Ashes for Beauty

{This post will make more sense if you have read THIS POST first}


You are a POWERHOUSE of amazingness! You really are!

And the fact that you can knit is an extra super power!

I went away for a week on adventure north…waaaay north…and I will share with you all that incredible time in days to come. Today I want to brag on You!

When I returned from Maine there were boxes and envelopes from everywhere each addressed to “Helping Haiti With Mel”. My kids opened them, I logged the contents and our whole household erupted in squeals of delight!

To date we have received 62 hand knit wash cloths to send to Haiti as well as 2 dozen toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste’s well as donations to purchase needed items!

See the rainbow of knitters love and kindness?

Rainbows from Knitters

To answer a common question that has arisen:

Is it too late?

NO! I checked and you can still send off your gift of encouragement and help (which to some may just look like wash cloths and toiletry items, but we know better don’t we?). Mail yours before 15 October and I should receive it in time to pass along to the teams that will follow the first team leaving in just days. The team of men and women headed to Haiti want me to express their thankfulness to you. They promised to get a few photos of your gifts being distributed there. A gentleman with whom I spoke asked “The Knitters realize what these will be used for, right?” I think he was referring to the fact that these hand knit and crocheted items would be used to scrub off dirt and grime. “They realize that they are trading ashes for beauty and rags for love.” I said.


Every thing you do, everything you knit.

YOU are awesome.

And I appreciate you.



Knitting impacts the world around us.

If you have ever given a hand knit baby sweater to a first time mother you know what I mean.

Make a pair of mittens and deliver them to a homeless shelter in winter. You won’t just see the smiles on the faces of the recipients but those working there will be moved. Trust me on this. A scad of 8 to 10 year old girls and their mothers did this with me 10 years ago and my heart was overcome by the experience.

A sweater, mittens, prayer shawls… we can easily understand the joy these knitted gifts bring.

Now consider the joy, delight and happiness a hand knit washcloth can bring.

Wait? What?

w a s h c l o t h

You, Dear Reader have the power to help by simply knitting a square.

 What I am saying is: I do not want an old towel to take an opportunity away from me to do something kind!

A Medical Team dedicated to helping local community centers in Haiti will be leaving my hometown in a few weeks. They sent out a request for washcloths: “You can grab an old towel and cut it in to small squares for washcloths” it was said. My heart hurt at this request. My community of knitting friends and I can make a washcloth, a clean, fresh washcloth and share something much, much better.

I am not saying an old towel ripped up wouldn’t serve a purpose. What I am saying is: I do not want an old towel to take an opportunity away from me to do something kind!

Why not use an old towel and cut it up?

Let me share with you quickly what this makeshift washcloth is for, or more appropriately, Who this is for…

IMG_1824 Each person that comes to the clinic can receive a hygiene package. Things in that kit help meet very basic needs that people in this devastated area have. They receive soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, band-aids and a washcloth. Personal hygiene and malnutrition are areas these volunteers can help and do so quite easily. Simple acts of sharing food and showing how to clean and care for woulds make a difference. They DO make a difference.

So please consider the simple washcloth. A square. Knit it in garter with two strands of sturdy cotton held together and you can have it done over a cup of coffee.

A simple square. Simple for you to knit or crochet.

A toothbrush and toothpaste. Could you consider grabbing one of each from your local Mart?

The Medical Team has at present these needs: washcloth, toothbrush, tooth paste.

Can I challenge you towards one donation? Can I encourage you to share this opportunity with others?

The question earlier was: Why not use an old towel and cut it up?

Because I am a knitter! I do not settle for rags. And if it is in my power, others do not need to settle for rags.

I can share myself with these people in need. I can join in with my two hands.



Imagine what I could do if I busted my ass a little? Really dug deep? Stopped knitting for myself during a tv show for just one day?

What could I do?

What difference could I make?

I am not sure. But I know I am about to find out.

Will you join with me?

If not in knitting or crocheting, perhaps in sharing this opportunity? Sharing it takes no effort at all. Click a share button a few times today and make a difference. Some of us really are too busy to knit or crochet at present, but we all have 5 second to repost, retweet, embed this….

#SimplySeptember can be a simple way for us to change somebody’s life.

I am so freaking excited right now I want to knit a ton of these things.

Knit now and HEAD HERE for info where to send them and the timeline.


{photos provided by Medical Team members with permission to share here}


Angry and Sad

I have tried to start this post so many times. Nothing seems to be working.

Yesterday a woman walked her dog. Out the door she went with the dog. She closed the door behind her on the husband who serves his country faithfully each day. The door shut on the three kids they shared. Off she walked, down her own street, with her dog.

And a stupid drunk driver hit and killed her.

My hands shake with anger as I am typing, anger at another stupid senseless death that was 100% preventable.

COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE. If you drink, don’t drive. How many times does that have to be said?

Instead of wasting anger on a man who robbed a family of a wife and mother I want to do something positive.

I am a wife and a mother to 3 kids. I walked my dog yesterday morning. The neighborhood where this happened was about 20 minutes from mine and not too different.

My heart hurts thinking not of the kids and man who have to continue moving forward in life without her, but the moments She has been robbed of experiencing. As a mom I look forward to so many experiences with my family, moments from reading a book with my littlest and laughing to moments of tears as my eldest heads off to college one day. Moments of noticing my little boy resembles a little man…or not so little man. Finding glasses for my husband as he grows old with me.

This woman should not have had these times taken from her. No one should.

Today was supposed to be a post giggling and showing off a bit about the tutorial I created for Hapa. Hapa was released for purchase yesterday. I was super excited. I had plans to get You Dear Reader excited about it too.

In light of this senseless tragedy I just can’t post those. I don’t want to. What I want to do is fix everything for this family. I know the whole world is a wreck at moments, but this is happening here. And now I know about it. Moreover I feel compelled. For me not to respond would be wrong to my conscience.

This week all profits from the sale of Hapa will be donated to this family. It certainly falls short of fixing things. It is after all just a pattern.

It is what I can share. Hopefully it will help. As my neighbor tries to plan a bake sale/ bazaar to fundraise, I have this.

It isn’t what I intended for this pattern.

It is much more important.

I know the number of You Thoughtful Readers that see what I post. I know that You have the ability to share in different forums as well.

Today I ask that you do.

And share again tomorrow.

And the next.

So from Aug 19 – 26th your purchase makes a difference. A very small difference in the wake of a horrible thing.

I am going to be with my kids today. Thankful for my today. Wishing and saddened.


If you want to buy Hapa head here.

I unashamedly ask (beg?) for you to share this post on any and all social media.