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I love how a hat not only changes a bad hair day in to a beautiful fashion statement…

Mel wearing Drizzle hat in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn Colourway: Drizzle

Mel wearing Drizzle hat in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn Colourway: Drizzle

Not only do they put a smile on your face…


Sometimes they are so much fun to knit that you find a pattern you just do over and over and over again!

Such became Drizzle for me! I knit it up in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn as I created it the first time, and then I knit it a dozen more times!

As I knit and re-knit it I started to make a few revisions

It occurred to me, I can never really be finished with a pattern!


And so I have been working on updating Drizzle for us!

The revised pattern will provide instructions to knit the beanie version, as shown above in what I have affectionately been calling Pin Up Girl Pink (Space Cadet Lyra in Tickled). This beanie is fitted more closely and also carries the netting all the way up through the hat, not just an inset panel.

Other pattern updates:

  • Super slouchy fully netted version
  • New photos
  • New layout

But the trusty old bits will still be included!

And you need not do anything! When the update happens this Thursday it will automatically work its magic in your Ravelry account!

Did you knit Drizzle already? Post a picture on Instagram and tag me in it! I want to see YOU in your Drizzle! #DrizzleFoShizzle is the hashtag I have seen attached to Drizzle! I think the awesome SillyFru came up with that! Can anyone confirm or deny that 😉

My best Aloha to you!