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You have a story. Meet others that do too!

6 Bits Storybooks

You deserve to be inspired and enriched by stories and patterns as incredible as your own

{written in words, photos, yarns and friendships}

It has been quite the long journey putting all the pieces together, and now I am excited to offer you something to encourage, teach and delight you!

6 Bits Storybooks

Each themed collection is a collaborative endeavor with 6 unique knitting patterns crafted with your love of knitting and community in mind.

These quarterly publications from 6 Bits are opportunities for you to see beautiful places, discover interesting yarns, create among open-hearted teachers while you develop your talents.

You will feel the collaborative spirit of ohana on every page. In every possible way 6 Bits strives to bring you a publication that is as unique as you are!  Contributors are invited to share, create, develop; something I feel you will sincerely appreciate. Together we vision cast and laugh, we question and re-work, we cultivate friendships in the background of each and every collection.

And then we share everything with you!

Each 6 Bits Storybook will be available as limited time collections. Beautiful knits, educational and enriching articles, helpful substitution suggestions and ideas are included in every issue and delivered to your inbox so you can easily rewrite your knitting narrative!  You can subscribe right now for great savings!

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Not sure what to expect?

Your subscription includes:

      • 4 storybook issues: Unearth in October, Dwell in January, Reflect in April and Return in July each with 6 assorted patterns
      •  4 collection exclusive patterns that will not release as individual patterns
      • Articles, stories and encouragement from inspirational artisans
      • Sourcing suggestions featured in every issue for yarns in the USA/North America as well as abroad. You will learn what can work for you in your corner of the world!
      • Storybook delivered to your inbox with a Ravelry code to add to your library
      • $46  for the year of 4 storybooks–less than $2 per pattern and $27 less than buying each collection as they release!

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Discover intentionally. Recapture moments of importance. Learn more than just stitches.

You and your knitting are worth deeper connections.

In days ahead I look forward to introducing you to key members of the team!

For now I am just so stoked to share this with you! It has been a long time coming and lots of work, but if you have enjoyed the style and vibe of 6 Bits: Wander you are going to love what lies ahead!



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Me, just somewhere else

When the president of Quince and Co. emailed me with an invitation to share on their blog I was excited, and humbled, then super stoked and filled with all sorts of ideas!

I would be delighted to have you read what I thought was most important.

Once you give it a read, share your thoughts on the Quince and Co. blog! Your thoughts are valuable and make a difference to those who read them! (and if you share a comment before 10 pm EST on Wednesday 17 June you may want to check back here on Thursday the 18th…just saying’)

Much Aloha,


Now pop over to their blog via any of those highlighted links above!

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My Joy!

Today Quince & Co. released their Scarves, etc 4 book.

I have a pattern in it.

P O M A I K A ‘ I

There is so much happiness and joy in this moment.

Kauai inspired. Kauai represented. Kauai stitched in Quince & Co. yarn.

My joy is so wonderful.

May this start your morning off with a joy that nature gives best.

En-joy the Aloha!

{And after you watch, visit the Quince & Co shoppe here to see more!}

My best Aloha will always be towards you,


PS. See something you NEED to knit? HEAD HERE and enjoy!


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Delayed Gratification {sorry!}

Let us get right to it!

Somebody won a book and somebody won an awesome kit!

And somebody is way late announcing it (after the announcement, I will tell you why)


The winner of Laura Neklin’s autographed KNOCKOUT KNITS book is…..

sea_otter3 {on Instagram}

And the winner of on of Laura’s incredible kits is…

Rowena Philbeck who said:

I loved the Hibisco necklace and the Butin Collar kit. They are all very pretty.

I loved the Hibisco necklace and the Butin Collar kit. They are all very pretty.

Congrats! Both of you are such lucky ducks! Please email me at connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com and we can hook you up!

Sooooo….Sometimes you lay your plans and they work. Sometimes they don’t. And sometimes you just have to dig in and work your plans until you are dog tired.

That last one has been me. (woof! woof!)

Working hard at hard work can cause you to have laser beam focus…or if you are like me, it forces you to force yourself to have laser beam focus. =) Anybody out there feeling me? You been there?

So I got a bit distracted by trying to focus! I am sorry it happened. I get distracted easily…you should see me in a real yarn shoppe…I can’t even carry on a conversation…not just because the choices are so beautiful…but because I see so many “POTENTIALS!”.

The things I have been working on behind the scenes are so gratifying to me and I hope they will give you a moment of peace or happiness, tranquilly and {maybe} delight…

Be patient with me. I am not perfect. If you are, I would love to know how you do it!


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I love how a hat not only changes a bad hair day in to a beautiful fashion statement…

Mel wearing Drizzle hat in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn Colourway: Drizzle

Mel wearing Drizzle hat in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn Colourway: Drizzle

Not only do they put a smile on your face…


Sometimes they are so much fun to knit that you find a pattern you just do over and over and over again!

Such became Drizzle for me! I knit it up in SpaceCadet Lyra yarn as I created it the first time, and then I knit it a dozen more times!

As I knit and re-knit it I started to make a few revisions

It occurred to me, I can never really be finished with a pattern!


And so I have been working on updating Drizzle for us!

The revised pattern will provide instructions to knit the beanie version, as shown above in what I have affectionately been calling Pin Up Girl Pink (Space Cadet Lyra in Tickled). This beanie is fitted more closely and also carries the netting all the way up through the hat, not just an inset panel.

Other pattern updates:

  • Super slouchy fully netted version
  • New photos
  • New layout

But the trusty old bits will still be included!

And you need not do anything! When the update happens this Thursday it will automatically work its magic in your Ravelry account!

Did you knit Drizzle already? Post a picture on Instagram and tag me in it! I want to see YOU in your Drizzle! #DrizzleFoShizzle is the hashtag I have seen attached to Drizzle! I think the awesome SillyFru came up with that! Can anyone confirm or deny that 😉

My best Aloha to you!


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Meet Ikaika

Ideas will roll around in my head.

They come from places all over, a good book, a woman at Art Walk, a conversation with a complete stranger. Ideas will take shape and develop legs and wander, often aimlessly, in my mind.


And so it is with Ikaika, a sweater with an untamed free spirit, named after my daughter’s favourite horse. The colour of the yarn resembles to you perhaps the colour of fall, but for me it conjures to mind the deep vibrant earth at the ranch which stained so many shirts, jeans and shoes. Natalya was never any happier than those moments on her loving friends. Saying a hui hou on her last time around the ranch was difficult for Natalya; as her mother I hurt doubly.

And so Ikaika’s hoof pawed the red dirt in my mind’s eye. Her care free mane blowing behind her. Her strong stately presence softened in memories of Natalya grooming her and whispering secrets between them. That horse was incredibly strong! She could barrel out and fly with a bold force that would leave you breathless in wonder. She could check that power and strength and gently nuzzle alfalfa cubes from an 80 pound wisp of a girl.

The images collected.

They knit together the fabric of a cardigan that I share with you now.

IMG_7871Created in Infinite Twist Persimmon as shown, Helix is held double throughout the knit. Two strands work together to breath life and structure in to the creation of this all season wardrobe piece reminding me of a girl and her horse. The cardigan fronts are uniquely their own, a touch of spirit at the bottom of one blowing like hair in the wind and delicate accents reigning in the neckline of the other. The two motifs come together to run free on the back of the cardigan.

Construction and Details:

Right and left fronts blend their patterns to mirror the back motif. Worked as separate pieces from the bottom up, the sweater is seamed at the shoulders and sides. Stitches are picked up to work the sleeves in the round. Simple to knit, simple to wear, and anything but boring! This project is a great sweater for knitters with a bit of knitting and purling under their belt, looking for a new adventure!

Size: One size fits most. Three different lengths for sweater body and sleeves included to personalize fit. Easy to adjust.

Finished measurements: Bust – 42” for all sizes, Length: 20 (21, 23)”

Gauge: Using 2 strands of Helix held together:

15 sts x 25 rows per 4 inch in stockinette on US 9s

This sweater kit is currently offered in 3 colour choices by Infinite Twist. The kit includes the beautiful yarn and sweater pattern (printed copy included in kit upon delivery with a code included for you to add the pdf to your e-library)


You will also receive needles and notions to create your new sweater as well as a sweater pin to reign in Ikaika. A special pattern helps page supports links and suggestions for knitters as they create. And if you use the code “withmel” at checkout you may even get some free mini cakes of yarn!

This pattern will not be available for individual sale until sometime in November. As it was my hands and thoughts that worked this cardigan from images of a girl, a horse and an island, I cannot encourage you enough to create this cardigan as it was meant to be in Helix yarn.  Interested in a different colour? Add your choice in the comments below! The colour with the most “Hear!Hear!”-‘s may find itself added to the list!

My best aloha to you,



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