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Adventures: Hither, Thither and Yon

Aloha My Friends!

How dearly you have been missed! I have found myself quite all over these past few weeks. I don’t think I can catch you up in one post, so I won’t be trying that today. Instead I will give a wee bit of words and pictures in the post and a bit more in the podcast as I share some finished things! Let’s begin with a blast from the past…exactly a year ago today!

11Oct2013To start, this was my view on October 11, 2013…Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii.

I had gone for a run in the morning instead of afternoon/evening as was my norm. This is what I wrote in my journal

“It seemed like a great idea to run at different times in the day, to savor Kauai as a whole instead of just afternoon memories. I can not fully wrap my mind around the idea that this time next year my view will not include the sights and smells of Major’s {Major’s Bay has a trail that is along the ocean and in the woods that I ran each day}. I hope my new adventure has me excited…doing and seeing new things, making new friends, going new places…fighting the urge to be homesick.”

Ahh! I do miss Kauai, but I was spot on with the adventures being exciting! Want to hear about them?

It began with flying out to meet Barb, a dear friend and incredible knitter, spinner and human. As you can see, our together time was filled with smiles. Isn’t that just the way it is with knitting pals? She and I enjoy the outdoors so a large portion of time spent in company together had us out and about adventuring by foot.

The Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat was a bit earlier this year and so the weather was so much warmer for me. Wanderings through Kennebunk/Kennebunkport were highlighted with sunshine, gentle breezes and smiling faces. The town had a delightful village feel and with so many instances of bumping in to other knitters from the retreat out and about during our free time I felt like a local! (No, I didn’t eat the lobster, but I did make friends with one!)

Nice locals were everywhere

During the retreat I took a morning session of Susan B. Anderson’s class on toys. We all began in the class together casting on a wee little bunny. I share in-depth quite a bit about the experience in the podcast. In short Susan makes learning not only fun, but addicting. You want to learn, make and do…and her kindness makes you want to do it well and show her! The class gave me great confidence, Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) have been something I have been not used much after the coconut incident, but using size 4mm and a worsted weight yarn I was feeling like a champ!

Adjusted things and pleased with the results! An incredible teacher filled with some amazing students

I would like to take a moment and give a HUGE MAHALO NUI LOA to Unicorn Crafts and Opal Yarn for providing such beautiful pattern handouts for Susan’s class. I show you all these in the podcast. In short, that are a treasure. I plan to email them directly to thank them. I encourage any other retreat attendees to do the same. These were quality pattern handouts, rich in colour and formatted so well the least i can do is thank them…but I also plan to look around to see what products they sell! Unicorn Books and Crafts and Opal Yarn have won my patronage with these gifts! The patterns are worth adding to your library, check them out here.

I was delighted to share dinner one evening with a sweet group of amazing ladies, Angie, Missy, Kristie, Kelly, Barb as well as Susan and Auntie Paula. The Ramp was a fun place with a breathtaking view. Dinner was filled with laughter, stories and beautiful women sharing delightful stories. It is one of my favourite memories.

I got a little crazy when left to my own devices... Can not even express the joy behind this photoSmile: And share a book! We were Instagram NINJAS!Missy and I knit in the sun

There is so much more to share and show, which I will, but not all at once today.

So I leave you with my “stoked selfie”–I am showing you one of the most famous houses in Kennebunkport. Recognize it?


Enjoy the podcast! And look for updates this week to include: More On Maine, Pattern Chatter, Beautiful People: An Interview With Stacey Trock, Washcloth Mania (hundreds HUNDREDS  have come in! I have been spending hours with the family doing inventory and prepping items to send to Haiati…YOU ALL ARE STUNNING!) , a Free Pattern Friday, and some amazing things to come! ,–and by “amazing” I mean hold on to your knitting needles!

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Just a Moment

Ever had this happen:

ready to pop in to a shop I absolutely adore but just can’t get to often enough, I see there are no cars in the parking spaces nearby. Walking to the entrance I notice how quiet and still the premises are and how bland the usually vibrant doorway is. I pause, shaking my head as I see the shoppe is empty. “Out Of Business” the placard reads. I walk away, a bit saddened as what was such a delightful place to patron: beautiful location, perfect ambiance, kind and knowledgeable employees and I loved the product,  is no more…

Small businesses reach us where we are. They meet a need, oftentimes personally as well as materially. We may pop in just to see what they are planning or sharing next. We don’t always need what they have to sell, but we enjoy, very much enjoy, the business. When we see that business close we shake our heads and notice the void it’s absence creates.

Supporting small businesses can be very simple and not cost you a penny…though I do encourage you to put your dollar (or pound) where your heart is!

Today here are a few super simple things you can do to help small business. These are things I sat thinking through as ways my customers, podcast viewers and friends could personally build my business without spending a penny. They could be applied to other businesses you enjoy.

  • Keep Yourself Connected: If you really enjoy the business, subscribe to the mailing list and see what available, new and important. Any chance you are on social media? See what they are up to on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Keeping connected these place can also show you more about the business you are supporting. As you get to know the business through these mediums you may be led to the next step…
  • Evaluate Your Connection: The more you see and read are you super encouraged? Awesome! Move on to the next bullet on this list! The more you see and read the less encouraged you are? That is ok! Every business is not for everyone. Wish them well and do no harm to their business as you move on by unsubscribing the correct way. Unsubscribe to mailing lists, don’t mark it as spam. Do they have an unsubscribe survey? Take a quick moment and share your feedback. Your feedback IS important. If you are leaving their business due to a marketing campaign they launched that you do not approve of, share that information in a helpful way so the business can hear from their target audience. No longer like receiving daily emails or coupons, let them know. Your feedback does count. 
  • Share Your Support! Free! In this interconnected life we have so many ways to share the business we love with others at no cost to us!  For example, I sell patterns for knitting. Yes, many of you buy these, but you may not buy them all and I count on that (every thing is not for every one). But I do share on this blog lots of things aside from patterns. I share what I hope are encouraging words, inspiring ideas, simply beautiful images. I work hard making content that you can share in the hopes that you will and THAT helps my business. I even put easy share buttons at the bottom of the page. When you enjoy the content and take the next step YOU build my business. When you RT (ReTweet) things I share on twitter those people who follow you on twitter see what I say. I evaluate and re-evaluate my content so that what I share is quality. I do that not just as a person standard, but so that you can share confidently. If you follow me, you will often times see I share with you certain businesses regularly and mix in others at times. These may be new to me businesses that someone else has shared! If it hadn’t been for Susan B. Anderson sharing InfiniteTwist on her blog a couple of years earlier I doubt you knitters would be seeing Hapa as a shawl pattern now. We would all be missing some incredible photos Nate captured through his lens. head covering I would not have this image as my desktop. I would miss collaborating with Cate not just on Hapa but all the other things due to launch soon.

Connect. Evaluate. Share. These are all free ways to help businesses. My blog is the entrance to my shoppe. I try to make it as inviting for you as I can. Not just for you to enjoy as you visit, but so you can take pride in pointing others here for a peek, and do it without reservation!

I share suggestions for styling your knits.

Now I also offer free patterns to readers once a month.

To newsletter subscribers I offer a free pattern and early releases, exclusive gifts, discounts and more.

Free podcasts.

Free images.

You can share these {free} by sharing with buttons below, retweeting or sharing the aloha by reposting links and Pin-ing things on Pinterest!

YOU are the power behind my businesses success. I never forget that. Neither should you! Your power to the livelihood of local business works the same way!

So what will YOU choose to do with that power?

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{T i d y i n g • U p }

I try to keep things simple.

But everything needs to be refreshed once in a while.

Which is why I am tidying up right now.

And YOU can help!

If you subscribe to the blog by way of emails, you are alerted to each new post I create, such as this one.

It is not the same as being on the mailing list though.

The mailing list (by way of MailChimp) has news

about early releases of patterns and sometimes exclusive offers and gifts.

There are lots of incredible things in store for 2015 and i don’t want you missing a thing!

 Want to be included? Simply Head Here


While You Were Sleeping

It is a great night

I am headed towards my pillow

12:28 am


And missing Kauai

But mostly Happy =)

I have this to share with you:

MK ScreenShot

And even more fun…

A new way to share pattern info!

I {the designer of the item} share with You {the incredible knitter} in my own words and images

In one minute

And wait until you see what SpaceCadet has up their sleeve!

All the fun things involved with this knit are so unique an fun! From the construction in knitting to the way we knit-together, just a bit at a time…to the amazing ways one kit can create a host of different looks! I can’t wait!

Mauna Kea 3


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Mixed & Blended

My husband is Hapa. My favorite rice is hapa. The aunties on Kauai used to ask “What kine Hapa are they?” when looking over my kiddos.

In Hawaiian Hapa is mixed or blended.

That rice I love? Brown rice and sushi mixed together. One of the only ways I can make the rest of the fam eat brown rice. They love love love their sticky rice.

The Hapa Hubby? His mother was 100% Japanese, arriving in America as an adult woman newly married to husband’s haole (white) dad. So My Man is blended.

Little Hapa kiddos on Kauai are not rare, but they are special…as all kids are… but unless you live there it’s a bit hard to nail down in words the excitement that creeps up on some of the older auntie’s faces, deep in their smile when they recognize a little bit of themselves and their lineage in a small kid.


But distinctly maintaining the line of its heritage.

Some parts the two parts that come together have clearly defined lines

Other times the blending is blurred

I wanted to capture both in my newest shawl pattern.

image 4

Crisp || clear || bold || transitions

>—Right alongside—<

blurred~~blended~~marbled places

Creating 4 very district parts to 1 shawl

A shawl that is an effortless work of art to create.

Knit completely in garter, the colour changes are created simply without a bunch of loose ends left to take care of when you cast off

Hapa has a split middle at the lower edge and gives it an added element of distinction of parts that come together to form a whole.

The pattern will release very soon as a blended collaboration. I had a brilliant time creating this shawl using both handspun and millspun yarn from Infinite Twist.


The smallest shawl was worked in Infinite Twist Qinghai Handspun Spooky Purple & Dovecote offering a sampling of what sheer delight knitting with handspun can be—even if you didn’t spin it! And the simplicity of Hapa’s beauty allows even the novice an opportunity to use handspun simply and effectively to cause everyone to enjoy the handiwork!

Medium and Large Hapa were knit using helix and you will meet these larger Hapa siblings soon! In fact I will be sharing more details about the unique custom shawl kits available only through Infinite Twist!

What I would be interested to know is what would be YOUR Hapa blend? Share your colour combo below after visiting Infinite Twist‘s site, admiring all of the vibrant colors offered there and creating your own duo! Your idea may become a kit!

My hope is that the sun is shining on you wherever you find yourself,

Much aloha,




Hapa Teaser