A Kit To Brighten The Day!

Sometimes you get it right first try.

Other times you knock it out of the ballpark the second attempt.

I gotta say, Ikaika nailed it both times!

You all met Ikaika a bit ago HERE. She was knit with two strands of Helix held together for a comfortable cardigan with playful asymmetrical vibes.


Now I am pleased to share Ikaika 2.0 as she has been lovingly dubbed. Knit in 1 strand of Helix and 1 strand of Penumbra, the cardigan has a fresh feel for springtime knitting—and wearing!

The soft fabric created with the strand of wool paired with the strand of mohair blend is almost indescribable, but let me borrow the model’s reaction to wearing it in the shoot: “It is so light! I love the softness!”

The drape of the revamp really had me stoked. Think gentle, contouring, fluid. No extra bulk. Not a stiff stitch to be found…

And the HALO! 

K8 13

The glowing aura around this knit isn’t the fuzzy-wuzzy, “look at all this hairy-hair” kind. It is that subtle halo that you catch in just the right light, the kind that has you lightly running your palm over the fronts, it adds to the overall feel of the sweater as it gentles the switch definition ever so slightly.

The revamp includes new yarn duo, new gauge info., patterning detail additions, thoughts on sleeves, and closure options. I share how adding a wee button *here* and *there* can give you what you are looking for!

And speaking of the most adorable buttons e v e r… meet the new kit!


This kit is  •b e y o n d•  awesome!


  • all the hand-painted Penumbra & Helix yarn you’ll need to complete the project – 1600 yards in all/800 of each
  • My favourite 10 / 6 mm x 80 cm bamboo circular needle
  • Two beautiful brocade pouches to store knitting notions and supplies
  • The most perfect of accents: Hand-tied Chinese ball buttons to compliment your yarn choice
  • metal stitch markers in three colors
  • a yarn needle
  • a kilt pin in case you choose the sans button version (use those buttons for something else!)
  • The printed Ikaika pattern and a downloadable version with the original and updated versions
  • A two-color pattern-marking pencil
  • AND MY FAVE:  a brocade-covered notebook!

You all know how I feel about journaling. I love it! Journaling about knitting projects, sketching out future dream knits, recording thoughts of the day just finished…anything at all can go inside this beautiful notebook.

To grab your limited edition kit in the new version or original Head Here!

•Be sure to use the “withmel” code at checkout for an extra treat!•

Hoping you see your Monday as a chance to re-do another adventure this week! Revamps aren’t just for knitting patterns!

Peace, Aloha & Happiknits to You,


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Sunshine in Stitches

Today I am sharing cheerful photos of a reknit I have recently finished. It was such a fun process, largely in part to the colour and personality of the yarns I was using. I know yellow isn’t for everyone to wear, but it certainly makes for a cheerful knit!

Ikaika was originally created with 2 strands of Helix held double. The effect was a quick beautiful knit in hand dyed yarn that I didn’t have to alternate skeins. The fabric was soft and warm and thick. Perfect for what I wanted.


But then I wanted something different.

Airy and light and suited for sparkling springtime moments that come after the stillness of winter.

Using Penumbra and Helix held together created an entirely different fabric as well as colour story.


My girls would squeeze the fabric coming off my needles and each time say “So soft!” “Softer than a kitten” “Squeally-squeal-squeal!” You know… noises you make when something is just that soft!

And then I met little ball buttons!



And I knew I needed one more thing to add to this sweater…


And I am tickled with the results! (and the loops around the ball are shown intentionally as the picture is part of the tutorial with the pattern on creating the closure)

Some little changes went in to this revamp in order to encourage the best traits of the yarn duo. For me having already knit this pattern gave me secure footing knowing what to expect. Armed with that understanding I could confidently tweak here and there and there… A bit more drape? …Will that alter the sleeves? And if so, how? …A lovely halo, yes, yes! But will that hide parts of the pattern or enhance?

I played a bit with swatching and comparing, repeated that exercise a few times and had a nice revamp! For those of you who already have Ikaika, your pattern will soon have an update that shares this alterknit version. On Monday, Cate of Infinite Twist will have additional kits so you can choose to knit this newer version or the classic version.

Tomorrow there will post a wonderful giveaway as YOU have the chance to help decide kit colours!

Hoping you have sunshine in your stitches today!


Looking for more?

image 3

click the link above for free fun!

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Let’s Get Together!


There is a new podcast up!

After quite some time since I had the pleasure of sitting down with you, I have a new podcast to share!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Quick points of interest:

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∞ Want the Swatch Hat patten? It is almost ready for you! It will first be heading out to Swatch Like You Mean it Class participants and Space Cadet mini-skein club members. For everyone else the pattern will be available for $1.00 on 11 March 2015.

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My best aloha to you!

It was such a delight spending time together once again! We should do it again very soon…like tweet me now! 😉