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A handy new App released by Amy Herzog and the MakeWearLove team called Knitter’s Toolbox is a collection of knitting calculators that you may enjoy! Included in the app: button hole spacer, gauge widget, shaping placer and pickup calculator. Clean look, easy navigation, content I want and need make this little app with the just under $5 investment.

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An InstaLove: I found elyxyak

I am now completely smitten! Nothing to do with knitting, but HELLO!  *P a r i s*  and fun! I need both in healthy doses.

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image 3big wool picThe first in the Dream•Investigate•Discover series is on substitution! This PDF shares about the wonderful wool we love and other fibers you may consider substituting in its place. The pros and cons, the gains and losses, as well as just basic personalities of various fibers are included. It was the free gift for With∞Mel newsletter subscribers for April. If you missed the first mailing and  want to get this handy reference, which is not just a little guide but a creative exploration in thinking through substitutions, there is one last opportunity! A final April mailing goes out for new subscribers on 1 May, so HEAD HERE and be included. Subscribers have received free patterns, exclusive treats and coupons for patterns in the past, as well as helpful content to their inbox each month. We would love to include you!

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FullSizeRenderA useful treat! When I received theses little snips in my SpaceCadet Yarn Alliance Club shipment I thought “Awww, they are so cute!” Little did I realize in days and weeks to come I would be saying “AWWWW! They are so HANDY!” They really are! Well they really are both, handy and cute! There is something about the little SpaceCadet Guy that makes me feel good. Love him! The snips were one of those extra treats we receive in the club shipment ever so often that is always a well-appointed gift that looks like a treasure! These are created by Sarah Wilson, The Sexy Knitter and are available in her etsy shoppe.

image 5FullSizeRenderAnd last but not least a great little swap to share!  And I really do mean little!  THE AMNESTY ENVELOPE SWAP! Head here to read more about it and perhaps join! More details will post on the blog over the next week, but you can get an early start on it! Simply HEAD HERE and see what fun you can have with one little envelope!

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Beautiful People, giveaways

Beautiful People: Melody Hoffman

Aloha Friends!

This weekend, those of you who follow me on Instagram had a special treat: a guest! I asked my sweet friend Melody to share her world with us and I am delighted she did!

One of the photos she shared was so incredibly lovely I have used it as our featured image above! In this picture you can feel Melody’s gentle spirit.

We met last year, early in January.

I say “met”…I read her blog and contacted her. The first interaction went something akin to this:

Aloha Melody! I am Mel. I think we should be friends. Can we make that happen?

She was game.

And I have loved her deeply ever since!

She has a great sense of nature, a love we have in common. She captures the forest in her backyard with such joy and wonder you can’t help but feel you are walking in a sacred place, excited and peaceful all at once. It was this same forest that inspired her shawl design Canopy knit in The Fibre Company’s Road to China Light from  Kelbourne Woolens (159 yards/ 50g, 65% Baby Alpaca, 15% Silk, 10% Cashmere, 10% Camel). I love this yarn! I think my LYS The Salty Sheep has all the decadent yarn from Kelbourne Woolens! If you have tried any of their stuff please do tell in the comments below!

But back to Melody…

She taught during Camp Aloha Friends in Summer 2014, showing us how to collect and press flowers. I asked her if she could take the participants on a walk. “Just head out away from your home 20 minutes in one direction. Share with us the sights and sounds!”

She did.

It was my favourite part of last summer. If you look over the images she captures, the beautiful pictures of knitting and nature, you will see why!

So hang on Dear Readers! The warmer weather will return and we will see green sprouts and sun. For now, I am so glad Melody taught me last summer to save my flowers for the long winter months! (I will show them to you on Instagram later!)

May the sun be warming you today,


Ps. If you made it this far I have a treat for you! Share below a few of the Instagram accounts you love to follow! Not on Instagram? Share one or two blogs! One lucky comment will be chosen from any posted below to receive a treat from me of Mandy’s Canopy pattern! Winner chosen and announced Wednesday Feb 25th, so be sure to comment before 8 a.m. Wednesday EST! (and the Kelbourne Woolen comments count too!)


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