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Each 1 matters

If you dropped a stitch in your knitting you might not know it right away… but it would matter, don’t you think?

Imagine a beautiful swath of luscious cashmere stockinette working up oh! so beautifully.

As you look down you see 2 stitches, here and there…unraveling…

You would notice where the stitch was dropped and you’d feel frustrated and maybe a bit bummed.

What if you think of those dropped stitches as kids who are missing a secure environment to share and create…

Just like fixing a dropped stitch, there are ways for each dropped kid to be noticed, picked up, lifted row by row by row.

We each have the power to reach 1. We can do it in different ways.

Over here at our hale (casa, abode, home…) we plan to take a night twice a month for starters to invite girls who could use attention, love and a creative outlet. We are launching the *K1,R1*: Knit1 Reach 1.


We plan to offer a comfortable, safe environment with a home cooked meal or dessert served family style,  focusing time on them, listening to them. We then will gather in smaller groups for our knitting adventure. This isn’t just showing a kid the skill of knitting. This is a connecting point, 1-on-1, so a young life gets to hear directly that they have loads of creativity and value that matters.

You can be a part! Help this idea reach others, either to encourage them to do the same thing or to support the *K1,R1* Project. Share this post on social media. On Ravelry, link it in a group you are a part of. It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t take anything away. It creates momentum. It shares opportunity!

Support is through your knitting! The Wikiwiki pattern is the first in a series of patterns you can purchase that 100% of your purchase goes to buying needles and yarn, tools of empowerment and brilliance. The price is low to make it a great gift to give as well! We are not taking cash donations. We want there to be a good exchange between what you give and what we give you in return. You may think it is only $2, but when other knitters purchase and share this pattern too, those 2 bits add up!

Take advantage of joining the giveaway on Ravelry to win the handspun yarn donated by InfiniteTwist. Head here and share your ideas for a simple hat pattern, which is the first project requested by the crew of soon to be knitters.

You can totally reach one! With your pattern advice, with your purchase, with your sharing of this post.

With appreciation,


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