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Starting Strong

Knitters, don’t you just love all the promise of great things that starting a new project seems to hold?

Pick the pattern. Acquire the yarn. Get knitting!

Or maybe for you it is more akin to:

Struggle between 5 patterns… Waffle back and forth and back again between far too many yarn options…only to change your mind after returning from the Local Yarn Store… Start swatching…and then decide to skip the swatching and just go for it!

There are so many ways to begin a project. And why wouldn’t there be? We are, after all, unique individuals with so many clever ideas.

Today I invite you to listen to an episode on Starting Strong. It includes a free gift to download (and a simple easy way to have it delivered to your inbox if you live in the US)

So have a listen as you knit, or as you plan out your next project! Head here: https://www.podomatic.com/episodes/7815091

You can also get the show notes, iTunes link and download  by heading here & clicking on Episode 7: http://www.6bitsstorybooks.com/podcast/

Free PDF from 6 Bits Storybooks Podcast

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Monday Morning Pattern!

Talus has been released.

Lovely ribbed cuffs

Long expanses of shaped stockinette

Interesting back detail

Trail from across the pond

It should be a peaceful adventure for your summer knitting

Front of TrailTrail by TreeTrail CuffTalus cuff view

Finished Measurements S(M,L,XL)

Across Back: 18(19,20,21) inches

Bottom edge of cuff to first bind off: 9 inches

Cuff to cuff (no ease allowance): 42 (43,44,45) in.

Cuff circumference: 12.25(13.5,14.75,16) in.

Each shrug half: 21(21.5, 22, 22.5) in.

Center back neck to hem: 12.5(14,16,17) in.

Buy it now by heading here!Talus back


Hope you like it!


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Something to Smile About

This past Sunday I had the delightful opportunity to share my thoughts over on the Quince and Co. blog.


There were so many awesome comments from you all!

One particular commentor has been chosen to receive a copy of 6 Bits: Wander and that person is….

Viola Zborowski

Congrats to you Viola!

If you already have the collection you may tell me a friend you would like it gifted to in your name!  Email me at connectingwithmel @ gmail dot com and let me know!

still life 6 Bits

And to everyone who shared a comment over there


I am starting work on my Trail along with others in the #6BitsWanderKAL on Instagram

Join in any time this summer!

You can knit 1 or all of the pieces from the collection.

I look forward to sharing with you all my colour adjustment for Trail in days ahead. I am trying something a wee bit different and hope it works up like I am envisioning in my head!

Enjoy your knitting,

Love Mel


Wandering Wardrobe Project

Wandering Wardrobe Project: Hats

Hats make a bad hair day a style statement day!

Not only can you ward off the cold and rain with these accessories, they are FUN to knit!

And versatile! *In the knitting and the wearing!*

Be sure to notice the different styles from “My favourite grey T-shirt” to “A flirty little dress” and everything in between that you can rock a hat with…and it doesn’t need to be match-matchy!

Wiki Wiki

The Wiki-Wiki hat is fun to wear pulled low on the brow.

{That is actually how I wear all my hats from Wiki-Wiki to Drizzle to my favourite Yankees ball cap.}

You may like it back a bit further, which allows the world to see more of your beautiful face.

A thick brim on a hat gives you the ability to slide it back and scrunch the top a bit, or with Drizzle you can roll the brim a bit more.

Let your locks just hang out or you can tuck them underneath!


image 4

Through The Stones Beret

Through The Stones

Through The Stones

Through The StonesTams and berets are also loads of fun to wear. Their construction allows them to set in a jaunty way that evokes a lively vibe. Oftentimes folks say they can’t wear this style of hat for one reason or another, but I think knitting one up as a treat for yourself might help startle process of changing you mind. Doing a simple style and adding a pop of contrast is a great place to begin. Set it off side, or allow the extra pinch of fabric to fall back. Not ready to go the way of the beret? Maybe start one now to have on hand for the fun this fall that awaits us with hats…boy have I some fun in store…

For now why not share a tip you have with hats!

  • How do you store yours?
  • What is your style preference: a hat to match every outfit? matching doesn’t matter? 
  • Tips or tricks with care?


Hats shown are 

Through The Stones Beret




Through The Stones Beret 







Wiki Wiki Hat



Wiki Wiki Hat












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Quick language lesson: Da kine is “that thing”…or sort of… in Hawaii we use small kine when referring to “that small thing”

Keiki is a small child or offspring. In Hawaii it can refer to orchid offspring or little human kiddos! But small kine is whatever that thing is… small kine = small thing

So What Is Small Kine Knits?

And why am I wanting to knit small stuff? Or more importantly: Why am I encouraging you to knit small things?

I need to see some results! I have so many BIG things with lots of yardage all over my needles. They are not going to get done today…

or tomorrow…

or by this weekend…

And I need to see some Finished Objects stacking up here people! I want to see some results! I want to wear some knitted pieces PRONTO!

So I got these sweet skeins here (yeah, photo is a wee bit blurry, but do you see those sweet kitty paws!?)


And this new pattern here:

gloria gloves



And I am going to blast my way through some knit-today-wear-tomorrow things!

And I want to see if you are interested!

No?!! Not yet?

What if I told you the AMAZING author of KNOCKOUT KNITS Laura Nelkin will be chatting with us in order to get us stoked about knitting smaller pieces with POW! Power? I am excited to share with you an interview with her soon.

What if I told you there would be some small kine treats for you?


Stoked yet?

Here’s the plan:

  • Focus on small
  • Try something new
  • Find additional community by knitting one of the themes!

Define “Small” Mel…

Let’s say 250 yards or less? Though I must tell you the Gloria mitts are ready to go and require 1 skein of Piper. So let’s not be sticklers on yardage… Let’s just think about having me whoop and holler for 25 to 50 yards! Let’s see how small you can go!

What about New?

Perhaps a new technique, new fiber, new colour, new genre altogether? You are the boss, You decide!


I know, I know. I am such as sucker for themes and categories! So how do these sound:


  • Gloves & mitts
  • Hats
  • Necklaces
  • Cuffs


  • Pencil bags
  • Journal covers
  • Mug rugs



  • LOL! If I knew a few suggestions to put here than the title above wouldn’t be the best title now would it?
  • For serious: nose covers, hats for cats, if you think it would surprise me then it goes here—nothing that my mum who reads this blog would be embarrassed by though, so steer clear of those things…

I plan to think small and satisfying but beautiful and wearable.

You can think whatever you want!

Participation will be super simple as well! Knit whatever you want. Knit as many small kine things as you want! Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #SmallKineKnitsWithMel and tag me @MSkiKnits so I don’t miss them! Add in your comments what category or what you learned!

Not on Instagram?

Post on Rav! Post on your blog! Post on Twitter! Just start adding up all the small kine fun for now! Between all of us we will see what you are up to! Also make sure to update us in the comments on how you are doing!

When should you start?


And how long do you have?

Let’s start now and see how much we can accomplish by Feb 15th!

Lots of little posts to follow!

Small Kine FTW!

And now here is BIG NEWS before you go!

The winner of the pattern on Kollabora is…..

drum roll please…

DOBSONEMILY! who totally made me blush when she said:

I have a bit of a girl crush on Mel and love all of her lovelies that she makes. She is quite inspiring to read as well, I’m glad you never gave up making knitted items!

Hey Emily! Contact me at connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com and I will hook you up!

Mahalo to everyone for the sweet words of encouragement regarding the interview!


Let’s get some big momentum going for lots of small kine knits!

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Halfway In…And just blooming!

If you are anything like me, you had a moment today where you said: TODAY IS THE 14th?!


<<And for those of you I just caught off guard with that big reveal: I am so sorry for not breaking the news more gently!>>

The New Year is a couple of weeks old! Now is generally the time I…ahem…re-adjust certain “life ideas”– I just can’t bring myself to “resolution”….I prefer to look at life as brainstorming, doodling, attempting…re-attempting… I am just like this Christmas Cactus that finally bloomed today, a few weeks after the holidays wrapped up!

But You Dear Reader are probably all squared away! And that is why I am glad we are friends…we are different! Thank goodness we have our love of knitting and fiber in common!

On that note I wanted to share a wee collection of some spinning I did over the holidays…and one I did earlier as a gift (which I was able to keep a surprise for the recipient!)


I delightedly received a breathtaking artistic skein in a swap! It is pictured below with art created by my eldest daughter for me as a Christmas gift.


Notice the handspun had flowers, sequins, GREY all swirled together in this skein to make life brighter! I love it!

L O V E  L O V E  L O V E it!

I knit a lot of big projects; sweaters usually occupy a lot of my time. I have found that spinning and small quick knits keep me happy in the short-term so that I do not feel pressured to just blast through the bigger knit simply for the sake of having something done. I have frequently been guilty of that “I need to finish this, so I am just going to pretend that purl stitch isn’t really in the wrong spot…”  OR “I just want something ANYTHING done, so I am going to turn these knee socks in to ankle skimmers!” <<<—-That last statement is an honest to goodness confession and explains why my legs are cold right now!

So I like spinning the singles! I feel productive. I don’t rush to ply them straightaway because some wise spinners told me those singles need time to chill out, and I am cool with that.

Don’t spin? Smaller projects are so satisfying! It seems like you just start them and BOOM! you have a bit of satisfying knitted pizzaz to wear, share or turn heads 😉

And boy oh boy! do I have some fun planned with small kine knitting!

Yes, yes I do!

I will be sharing all about that Friday right here!

{Want a small kine peek? Use the hashtag #SmallKineKnitsWithMel on Instagram to see little bits and hopefully include your own!!}

Peace ∞ Love ∞ Happiknits,


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…Ahhh Kollabora!


839e9472927741b95c75d7689c777666_400x400We are what we makeYou may not be familiar with this awesome site for makers and I want to help remedy that!

Kollabora is an online hub of creative muses sharing what gets them stoked! What draws me to this community is the photo rich platform–vivid LARGE photos… eye candy to make me want knitting, sewing, crafting ALL AT ONCE!

I was humbled to be the focus of the Nora Meets The Maker on Kollabora over the Holidays. Since I was on my first vacation in forever… I didn’t get a chance to tell you about it at the time of its posting. It was fun and I don’t want you to miss it!

To celebrate Kollabora’s kindness in featuring me, as well as show YOU and Kollabora some love and aloha, pop over to the post and comment after the interview for an opportunity to win a pattern from their site up to $12.00! Pop back over here and share what you liked best about Kollabora for an additional chance to win. And definitely use the social media shares both on Kollabora and below here to spread some warm sunny aloha! With temps threatening to dip in to the teens tonight, I am all about keeping it toasty!

Be sure to let everyone know if you are on Kollabora in the comments below! I am there as With∞Mel and would love it if you follow me! I have some fun things in store to share in the coming weeks over there and would love to see your awesome self plugging-in!

Peace, love and aloha in 2015,


{{Quick but important details: No purchase necessary to win free pattern. Simply comment on the Kollabora Blog here to enter. Additional chance earned by commenting below on this post. Opportunity to win runs through 14 January 2015. One winner will be randomly selected and announced here on the With∞Mel Blog on 15 January 2015. Prize must be claimed by 15 February 2015.}}