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The Birthday Sweater

September is such a wonderful month!

And because my eldest daughter was born on the 30th, it is her “fave”

This morning as I was arranging things she started chatting. I’ll admit since I was packing a little trunk show to send out, as well as a few items to the photographer and sorting through items I need to pack for a trip I leave to take on Thursday…I was only half listening to her. Until she said…

…and a handknit sweater

“…and a handknit sweater.”

and a handknit sweater what?

Re-engage Mother Listening Ear Mode

“I am sorry honey, what were you saying?” I asked smiling

“For my birthday I said”  she said

Blank stare, frozen smile, I try again: “What is it you want for your birthday?”

“I think I would like a hand knit sweater and some Prisma *something something something having to do with art* supplies.” She hopped up and headed out of my room. My ears were still catching up…

“Hey Tal?!” I called

“Yeah Mom?” That incredibly adorable head popped back through the door.

“Your birthday is still in 2 weeks right?” Brain starts to crunch the numbers: hours, yardage, her size….thoughts zipping at 90 mph and hands have completely disengaged. I may have dropped whatever it was I had been holding.

“Yeah, it’s actually a little less than 2 weeks. But if you want you can just buy the yarn and I can knit it myself.” She laughed.

Did she just say if I want she can knit it herself? Oh this kid is good…

It is here I must share that this little lady turns 17 in a few weeks. She and I are thick as thieves. I do not have any misguided illusions of being her hip peer, but how we do love each other’s company. Her friend two doors down pops in and they play cards for hours and I will sometimes watch from across the room and laugh. No desire to elbow in and play mind you, just thoroughly enjoying the laughter of my little girl, who sometimes looks very much like a woman.

I should also share this is her last year here. Plans are being made for her to leave the nest. These plans are still in the ironing out phase, but getting close to being settled. She is ready to set the world on fire . And how adorable would she look wearing a sweater hand knit by her mother to do just that?

But before you think another thought I need to add a bucket of cold water. This adorable kiddo of mine loves to give me pause. It makes her laugh to throw me a curve ball and see how I plan to process it without coming undone. I look at that cute grinning face and see right through her.

“You are going to knit your own birthday sweater?” (Now, I know: yes, she absolutely could. For those new readers, this is the same kid that when I traveled overseas for a bit she taught herself how to read charts and do colourwork, perfectly… at 10 years of age. I was gone about 3 weeks. She also knit a bunny, a lochness monster and a crab on DPNs for the first time while I was away… #overachiever #shemustgetitfromherfather )

Sure!” She flashes a smile.

A pause and then she amends, “I can knit it…. if you can’t.

That’s my girl! Totally just threw down the gauntlet and challenged her dear devoted mother…

“Oh you wretched kid.”

We both laugh. She heads off to her room to do Physics or AP Art or whatever seniors do when they have to study…

I sit on my bed. A wee bit choked up by how much I love my little punk kid who wants a hand knit sweater for her birthday in two weeks.

What an awesome thing to request for the last birthday under my roof. How did I forget it was the last one?

This is sooooooo on!  I may knit 2 of ’em for the birthday and one for Christmas too!

…be prepared for a few sweater posts starting…in like an hour….

and twitter and instagram may get crazy JSYK*

*she told me that stands for Just So You Know…as in: JSYK Mel is not hip.