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Halfway In…And just blooming!

If you are anything like me, you had a moment today where you said: TODAY IS THE 14th?!


<<And for those of you I just caught off guard with that big reveal: I am so sorry for not breaking the news more gently!>>

The New Year is a couple of weeks old! Now is generally the time I…ahem…re-adjust certain “life ideas”– I just can’t bring myself to “resolution”….I prefer to look at life as brainstorming, doodling, attempting…re-attempting… I am just like this Christmas Cactus that finally bloomed today, a few weeks after the holidays wrapped up!

But You Dear Reader are probably all squared away! And that is why I am glad we are friends…we are different! Thank goodness we have our love of knitting and fiber in common!

On that note I wanted to share a wee collection of some spinning I did over the holidays…and one I did earlier as a gift (which I was able to keep a surprise for the recipient!)


I delightedly received a breathtaking artistic skein in a swap! It is pictured below with art created by my eldest daughter for me as a Christmas gift.


Notice the handspun had flowers, sequins, GREY all swirled together in this skein to make life brighter! I love it!

L O V E  L O V E  L O V E it!

I knit a lot of big projects; sweaters usually occupy a lot of my time. I have found that spinning and small quick knits keep me happy in the short-term so that I do not feel pressured to just blast through the bigger knit simply for the sake of having something done. I have frequently been guilty of that “I need to finish this, so I am just going to pretend that purl stitch isn’t really in the wrong spot…”  OR “I just want something ANYTHING done, so I am going to turn these knee socks in to ankle skimmers!” <<<—-That last statement is an honest to goodness confession and explains why my legs are cold right now!

So I like spinning the singles! I feel productive. I don’t rush to ply them straightaway because some wise spinners told me those singles need time to chill out, and I am cool with that.

Don’t spin? Smaller projects are so satisfying! It seems like you just start them and BOOM! you have a bit of satisfying knitted pizzaz to wear, share or turn heads 😉

And boy oh boy! do I have some fun planned with small kine knitting!

Yes, yes I do!

I will be sharing all about that Friday right here!

{Want a small kine peek? Use the hashtag #SmallKineKnitsWithMel on Instagram to see little bits and hopefully include your own!!}

Peace ∞ Love ∞ Happiknits,