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Pattern Longevity: Simple Substitution!

She is done and I love her.

Amazing how substitutions can create a new personality for a knit…and teach many lessons along the way.

Pomaika’i, originally in chickadee had a protective nature, ready to keep my shoulders or neck from any cold.

Pomaika’i in sparrow wants me to welcome moments on the beach, to stroll barefoot along the water’s edge. She delights in making me feel light, beautiful, elegant.


Pomaika’i from Scarves, Etc. 4 from Quince and Co.


Sparrow: 2 skeins each of Nannyberry and Juniper


Tapestry needle, scissors


  • I dropped down a needle size, not for gauge, but for preference. After swatching in recommended needle size, 1  and 2 sizes smaller I discovered the smallest needles gave me gauge, the 1 size down gave me what I envisioned.
  • I knit a few increases more before starting the striped pattern.
  • I accidentally repeated a striping pattern I initially did, but liked the look and so I kept it.
  • Toward the end I knew my shawl was larger already than the original, so I tweaked the colour transitions on the last 2 changes.

Apart from those mods…and the obvious fiber content leap…I followed the pattern. {Interested in reading how I got started? Head here!}IMG_0486


Lessons Learned:

  • Not all linen is created equal. Last week I knit a sweater for myself, not to publish, just to spend time learning. I used linen for that and must say my hands responded differently to it. Both that sweater and Pomaika’i had lots of garter, Pomaika’i complete garter, the sweater garter and stockinette alternating for a pattern, so perhaps the purling fatigued my hands, I am not sure. I will say after the first soak, block and dry, Sparrow feels softer, glows and dances a bit lighter and I love it best.
  • You can max out your pattern mileage by taking a pattern you may have knit time or two before and, with swatching as your map, you can forge a different path with rich rewards at journey’s end.


I am doing just that with several of my patterns. Join in if you want! The AlterKnit KAL is going on in our Ravelry group.

And if you want to start on a knitting adventure and need to learn I have some tools to share!

image 3

{Click Image Above!}

My Best Aloha To YOU!




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In Case You Missed it…

The first in a series to increase the knitting population launched! Perhaps you saw the button in the menu sidebar? There is also one on our home page

It looks like this:

image 3

I want to thank the amazing test knitters who knit the pattern, watched the videos and helped me create this tool for anyone to use! You were all brilliant and your help so valuable!

It would be great fun to get your feedback too! I am sure ideas and suggestions you have may come in handy for the following knits. Just email me at connectingwithmel {at} gmail {dot} com and share your thoughts!

Next, could I humbly ask you to share the Patterns With Class Page wherever you find yourself in the social media world? Individuals, groups, even LYS can use this pattern series to help start someone on the road towards adventurous knitting!

I look forward to knitting Oahu first, a colorful sideways scarf! Then waiting in the wings is a fun cropped cardi with sweet snaps! And then…well you just have to wait and see!

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Learn To Knit!

Last week I was overjoyed to teach at the Carolina Fiber Frolic in Western North Carolina. The whole event brimmed with inspirational muses ready to spur you on in a new crafty adventure. It was incredible! In days ahead you’ll hear more about the great time everyone had at The Frolic.

While I was out and about in the local area I had opportunity to chat with folks that lived there. Many said: “Oh, I would love to learn to knit, but I wouldn’t know how to begin.” Still others shared: “I couldn’t figure out what needles or yarn or whatever I should even start with let alone what to begin as a project.”

Have you heard those honest and very good reasons before?  Hearing the confused where do I start, what do I need, how do I begin? gave me the idea to create Patterns With Class, a series of building block patterns that were free, with tutorials to enhance the pattern that would hopefully teach a bit about the hows and whys of the particular project also free. The easy to follow patterns would start with sharing solid foundations in knitting through short videos designed intentionally for the pattern you were learning or using.


I am “auntie” to a few Kauai girls now in college that were interested in learning to knit or had specific ideas of what they wanted to learn to knit. (Shealynna that’s you and the SoCal crew!) The plan was teach them first to knit a scarf in perhaps college colors, then take the few skills from that and learn just one or two new things to make the perfect cropped cardi and then we make a shrug and then… well we’d just keep going! Each pattern teaches you a bit more about knitting, not just the process but about other things: what’s up with all the needles, why am I doing this for this pattern, what ways can I alter this even though I still a newbie? And it is all free! Free for new knitters to go solo or to start a group, for seasoned knitters to make fast fun projects or to teach someone during vacations, LYS to incorporate at knitting group, the *K1, R1* project for the girls to practice on our off weeks…anyone, anywhere can learn not only how to knit, but how to knit this particular project with a few easy videos to supplement.

And then I chatted with Cate of Infinite Twist who was stoked to support the pattern with quality kits that have what you need for each project! Knitting the scarf? Want that in 3 colors? Done! Want it in 8 colours but not 8 full sized balls of yarns? Done again! You get the yarn you need in exactly the same yarn the original pattern is knit in, plus all the tools needed: stitch markers, needles, tapestry needle… If it was used in the creation of the project then it is included! The pattern and the video costs nothing which gives you more money to spend on things you need as you develop your knitting toolbox.

  • The kits for Project 1: Oahu are available now. It is a colorful sideways knit scarf that can be knit as a rainbow or in just a few awesome colours as seen below. Pattern and videos release April 2nd.
  • Project 2: Molokai is a little cardigan that is short in length but long on style and fun! It comes out next!
  • Project 3: Lana’i  will help knitters quickly learn a few more skills as they whip up a shrug to wear!
  • And even more!

image 4



All can be knit in whatever knitters choose but have awesome support by way of kits from Infinite Twist available in a range of colours! Molokai even comes with the fun snaps so you don’t have to hunt for closure! And if you use the “WithMel” code at checkout, Infinite Twist has a free gift of you! =)

And the pattern and videos will always be free! So gather your own materials at your LYS! If you don’t have a place near you let Infinite Twist help you along!

Looking forward to increasing our knitting population!

Go out and make knitters!