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This lovely little shrug mixes 2 different yarns up in one pattern because why choose between them?

Sparrow and Kestrel do work well together, but Sparrow keeps its personality distinct and pulls in just a bit to add a great effect to the sleeves of Skyline!

If you ordered the 6 Bits: Wander collection your copy of Skyline has already been sent your way! For everyone else, Skyline will release 20 July.

Be sure to see what folks are saying about the 6 Bits collection!

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And see what others are knitting from this collection by using #6BitsWander or #6BitsWanderKAL on Instagram and twitter!


My best Aloha to you!


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Something to Smile About

This past Sunday I had the delightful opportunity to share my thoughts over on the Quince and Co. blog.


There were so many awesome comments from you all!

One particular commentor has been chosen to receive a copy of 6 Bits: Wander and that person is….

Viola Zborowski

Congrats to you Viola!

If you already have the collection you may tell me a friend you would like it gifted to in your name!  Email me at connectingwithmel @ gmail dot com and let me know!

still life 6 Bits

And to everyone who shared a comment over there


I am starting work on my Trail along with others in the #6BitsWanderKAL on Instagram

Join in any time this summer!

You can knit 1 or all of the pieces from the collection.

I look forward to sharing with you all my colour adjustment for Trail in days ahead. I am trying something a wee bit different and hope it works up like I am envisioning in my head!

Enjoy your knitting,

Love Mel


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Me, just somewhere else

When the president of Quince and Co. emailed me with an invitation to share on their blog I was excited, and humbled, then super stoked and filled with all sorts of ideas!

I would be delighted to have you read what I thought was most important.

Once you give it a read, share your thoughts on the Quince and Co. blog! Your thoughts are valuable and make a difference to those who read them! (and if you share a comment before 10 pm EST on Wednesday 17 June you may want to check back here on Thursday the 18th…just saying’)

Much Aloha,


Now pop over to their blog via any of those highlighted links above!

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Hashtags & Warmer Weather Knitting

Aloha Friends!

∞ Today I share a few things to make summer knitting fun, and believe it or not, we start off today with hashtags! Seriously, I talk less than 5 minutes about these fun tools, so stick with it and maybe you will hear something new, or think of an awesome use YOU can share with US in the comments below!

Oahu close up

∞ Also mentioned is the Oahu Scarf, a free pattern with free tutorials, part of the Pattern With Class series. The second pattern is due out soon and builds off things learned from our first project. My hope is Oahu is a springboard for you to help someone start knitting! Remember, the world is made of 2 types of people: We who knit and those not yet knitting! It is up to us to help them along!

∞ Great mysteries to listen to whilst knitting this summer: 4:50 from Paddington and At Bertram’s Hotel. One I didn’t mention on the podcast but I am planning to listen to this weekend is A Caribbean Mystery. Miss Marple is such a savvy woman…equal parts industrious knitter and master sleuth!

side view Canyon

∞ I do share a bit about the 6 Bits: Wander collection. It released earlier this week and has had an unexpected reception. It humbles and excites me. So I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you. And by the way, the image at the top of the post is from Kokee. Kind amazing, right?


∞ Lastly, the shawl booklet mentioned is HERE!

So now that you know what to expect in today’s episode, give a listen! I’d like to also encourage you, make sure you subscribe to the blog, because on Wednesday I am sharing a project to rev up your inner fashionista (-o?) and I don’t want you to miss! I can’t tell any more about it…but be sure you don’t miss it!

And now, here is the podcast!


As always, sharing Aloha starts with YOU! So use the handy buttons below and also share a comment with me!

May the sun shine out of you today!




Summer Time Excitement

I have had my head down these last few weeks…maybe months…working, working, working…

And now I have a few things to show for it!

And to show YOU for it!

In time for summer knitting, my first 6 Bits Collection has launched! If you are a newsletter subscriber, you already saw this, but keep reading because there are some fun things I saved just for the blog too!

This summer there will be 2 collections, each composed of 6 Bits—or patterns.

Wander title page

The first is Wander which includes







3 Bits are sleeveless tops, which look perfect baring your arms or layered over a shirt. 2 Bits are unique shrugs. And the last little Bit is a scarf. These pieces are created from linen, beautiful Quince and Co. Kestrel and Sparrow linens. Purchase the collection any time now until 15 June for under 3 bucks a pattern and also receive:

∞ Wander Kokee A Look Book of beautiful images and text about Kokee and the genesis of each unique piece in the collection
∞ A feature on the 2 yarns used in creating all the patterns, Kestrel and Sparrow
∞ A planning guide for substituting yarns

Helpful Info:

6 Bits: Wander available as a collection that will release June through July.

Canyon releases 1 June

Trail releases 15 June.

-Talus, Skyline, Drumlin and Overlook release 29 June, 1 July, 13 July and 27 July, automatically added to your Ravelry library!

-Pre-order the collection and receive the pdf patterns as they release.

-Limited time offer on the collection available for purchase through 15 June 2015 for $16

-After the 15th the patterns will be offered as stand alone purchases, without Wander Kokee book, yarn feature or substitution guide.

Interested in the collection for your library? Purchase now by heading here.

Now all the above is pretty darn exciting for me..especially as it was Memorial Day weekend last year when I cast off Trail from my needles…man, a whole year ago!

But something equally awesome is a project I plan to share with you in the days, weeks, and months ahead. The fun I have already been having with this crazy project and all the people from coast to coast who have been part of it… oh my goodness THE FUN! And it is just getting started!

Here are a few fun little teasers to share…just some snaps of how things look from L.A. when you are wearing hand knits… The pattern is Sanctuary Shrug, and K8 prefers it in-side-out!

My best Aloha is, as always, to you!

I would be stoked beyond measure if you would share this post with any of the share buttons below! Pin any of these stellar pics to your boards too! When you share, I get a warm feeling, that isn’t from sitting in the sunshine! So mahalo for helping me reach others!



Gift Giving Ideas




You may remember I knit a little Playdate cardigan by TinCanKnits in Quince and Co. yarn…

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I add to gifts I share. Just a few simple things that help set the recipient up for success in caring for the hand knit they have received.

I had a wonderful time knitting this cardigan. I hope you will join me this week as I share more about the adventure in knitting it for a family friend just turning 1!

To view the booklet Head Here

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Pattern Longevity: Simple Substitution!

She is done and I love her.

Amazing how substitutions can create a new personality for a knit…and teach many lessons along the way.

Pomaika’i, originally in chickadee had a protective nature, ready to keep my shoulders or neck from any cold.

Pomaika’i in sparrow wants me to welcome moments on the beach, to stroll barefoot along the water’s edge. She delights in making me feel light, beautiful, elegant.


Pomaika’i from Scarves, Etc. 4 from Quince and Co.


Sparrow: 2 skeins each of Nannyberry and Juniper


Tapestry needle, scissors


  • I dropped down a needle size, not for gauge, but for preference. After swatching in recommended needle size, 1  and 2 sizes smaller I discovered the smallest needles gave me gauge, the 1 size down gave me what I envisioned.
  • I knit a few increases more before starting the striped pattern.
  • I accidentally repeated a striping pattern I initially did, but liked the look and so I kept it.
  • Toward the end I knew my shawl was larger already than the original, so I tweaked the colour transitions on the last 2 changes.

Apart from those mods…and the obvious fiber content leap…I followed the pattern. {Interested in reading how I got started? Head here!}IMG_0486


Lessons Learned:

  • Not all linen is created equal. Last week I knit a sweater for myself, not to publish, just to spend time learning. I used linen for that and must say my hands responded differently to it. Both that sweater and Pomaika’i had lots of garter, Pomaika’i complete garter, the sweater garter and stockinette alternating for a pattern, so perhaps the purling fatigued my hands, I am not sure. I will say after the first soak, block and dry, Sparrow feels softer, glows and dances a bit lighter and I love it best.
  • You can max out your pattern mileage by taking a pattern you may have knit time or two before and, with swatching as your map, you can forge a different path with rich rewards at journey’s end.


I am doing just that with several of my patterns. Join in if you want! The AlterKnit KAL is going on in our Ravelry group.

And if you want to start on a knitting adventure and need to learn I have some tools to share!

image 3

{Click Image Above!}

My Best Aloha To YOU!