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Pattern Longevity: Simple Substitution!

She is done and I love her.

Amazing how substitutions can create a new personality for a knit…and teach many lessons along the way.

Pomaika’i, originally in chickadee had a protective nature, ready to keep my shoulders or neck from any cold.

Pomaika’i in sparrow wants me to welcome moments on the beach, to stroll barefoot along the water’s edge. She delights in making me feel light, beautiful, elegant.


Pomaika’i from Scarves, Etc. 4 from Quince and Co.


Sparrow: 2 skeins each of Nannyberry and Juniper


Tapestry needle, scissors


  • I dropped down a needle size, not for gauge, but for preference. After swatching in recommended needle size, 1  and 2 sizes smaller I discovered the smallest needles gave me gauge, the 1 size down gave me what I envisioned.
  • I knit a few increases more before starting the striped pattern.
  • I accidentally repeated a striping pattern I initially did, but liked the look and so I kept it.
  • Toward the end I knew my shawl was larger already than the original, so I tweaked the colour transitions on the last 2 changes.

Apart from those mods…and the obvious fiber content leap…I followed the pattern. {Interested in reading how I got started? Head here!}IMG_0486


Lessons Learned:

  • Not all linen is created equal. Last week I knit a sweater for myself, not to publish, just to spend time learning. I used linen for that and must say my hands responded differently to it. Both that sweater and Pomaika’i had lots of garter, Pomaika’i complete garter, the sweater garter and stockinette alternating for a pattern, so perhaps the purling fatigued my hands, I am not sure. I will say after the first soak, block and dry, Sparrow feels softer, glows and dances a bit lighter and I love it best.
  • You can max out your pattern mileage by taking a pattern you may have knit time or two before and, with swatching as your map, you can forge a different path with rich rewards at journey’s end.


I am doing just that with several of my patterns. Join in if you want! The AlterKnit KAL is going on in our Ravelry group.

And if you want to start on a knitting adventure and need to learn I have some tools to share!

image 3

{Click Image Above!}

My Best Aloha To YOU!




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One Bird Is Not Like Another: Substitution of Sparrow for Chickadee


Wings, feathers, beaks. Songs, colours, sizes. Big, small, darting, swooping.

All give opportunity to pause, enjoy and learn.

The two birds I want to share today take shape in yarn. One wool, one linen. Both delightful, unique and perfect.

Pomaika’i was originally knit in Chickadee, a sport/dk weight 100% American wool yarn. I knit this pattern twice and I know how the yarn and pattern work together, a point to remember later in this post. It is fluffy and light, but warms and fills spaces between stitches with so much energy.

As I searched from my Quince and Co. hoard collection, I kept being drawn to my favourite of Quince’s offerings: sweet lovely Sparrow. This yarn is 100% organic linen and though it starts off as a crisp bit of knitting it relaxes in to itself and mellows, softens, delights.

But there are things to notice and consider when substituting one for another! I plan to share a bit deeper in days ahead how and what affects substitution of Sparrow for Chickadee yields.

Today I want to just get YOU thinking! I am a firm believer that if you tell me something important I might remember it. If you share with me ways to discover something important and then leave me to it I will remember it always.


I find using a good hydrating salve non-negotiable when knitting with linen. Instead of feeling dryness, there is a reminder to pamper hard working hands!








Here is Chickadee on the left. Good old trusted Chickadee that knit up 22 sts and 46 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in garter stitch, after blocking on US 5 [3.75 mm] for Pomaika’i.


FullSizeRender 6






And here is Sparrow on the right. Simple in content. Complex in behaviour. Perfect to me in all ways. Sparrow’s tag shared that she will work up 6 sts per inch on US 3 [3.25 mm].

So, should one knit per recommended gauge for Sparrow or attempt to try bigger needles as per the pattern? What do you think? Not rhetorical, DO SHARE your thoughts in the comments!

Why not join me in an adventure in substitution either by doing Pomaika’i in the yarn weight and fiber content suggested to trying it in the lighter alternative of linen? Grab the pattern here. Investigate the yarn here. And let us discover the incredible possibilities we can find from one pattern. We start with Pomaika’i and then we GO BIGGER!


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Quince & Co. KAL & GIVEAWAYS! {yes, plural}

I know most of you have seen the newest collection Scarves, etc. 4 from Quince & Co. The book curates an interesting range of projects, beautiful and unique, interesting and classic.

Were you aware that Quince was hosting a KAL for the collection in their Ravelry group? It officially begins on  Monday, March 9th, 2015, ends Monday, April 6th (end of day). There are not just lovely things to knit, but a generous prizes! 3 winners will be chosen to receive a $50 gift certificate to What if I shared you could win some awesome things before it even starts? Interested? Keep reading…

I plan to join in and my yarn is already caked! What about you? Want to make some new friends as you knit something beautiful?


Making Pomaika’i was fun, both times I knit it. The original time I used Egret and Kumlien’s Gull. The colour choices were not a stretch for me at all, as readers of this blog well know.

What was a stretch was to come!

Jerusha, Project/Design Support Manager for Quince, emailed me to say:

I hope you love the color combo Pam picked…I think it’s really cool and vintage-y.

When she said “Pam” picked out the colour combo I would be getting I very loudly and shrilly squealed. I am a great admirer of Pam Allen. She is not just a brilliant knitter and business woman, but upon hearing her speak to our group at the Maine Knitting Pipeline retreat, it became obvious she is a thoughtful and wise woman as well. I was so eager to begin my work!






Receiving the Yarn!


..but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was way out of my comfort zone.

I can totally do more than one colour in knitting you know.

I knit a striped sweater in several colors of grey once!

I did! I did!

But for the most part I think I am wild and crazy if I use white and grey… or perhaps grey and black.

And then…





I felt I wasn’t up for the task.

Until started knitting…

and fell in love!

And then I realized: 


And by “realized”, I really mean it was re-confirmed to me. 

I also discovered I can be a much bolder knitter than I once thought!

Even now my cakes of yarn prepped for the Q&Co. KAL are visual reminders of that! No grey in this knit!

So what about you?

Are you more of a {Kumlien’s Gull and Egret} or {Barolo and Lichen} or even something different?


Head over to our Ravelry group and join in on the Pomaika’i My Way thread. Read about the giveaway and different ways to enter! 3 Pomaika’i patterns will be given away as well as 1 $10 gift certificate.

There is even some information on how to win the yarn you need to knit the whole shawl in colors YOU love best!

All details are shared on the With∞Mel forum so be sure to have a look! This is a quick one! Winners will be chosen Sunday night March 8th and announced and awarded treats Monday the 9th! Don’t worry! Q&Co ships out their supplies so fast, if you win and want to join in the KAL you will be fine!