Simply Sheepish!

Last Wednesday I shared with you a great way to wear the largest size of Hapa. If you missed it, have a look here. It is the first of a series of ways I like to wear shawls. On Friday I have a couple ways to share how I like to wear medium sized shawls, apart from wrapped around my shoulders. These posts are easy things to do with knits you already have or may be working on, but also work perfectly with large fabric wraps. Making a few wraps is an activity I plan to share with you next Wednesday. Simple. Gratifying. So fast you may decide to whip up a few for gifts!


Today I want to simply share some sheepish faces. In just a few weeks we will take an adventure on the podcast to meet these lovelies at their home in Pennsylvania. It will be a three part series with the podcast. Something i hope you will enjoy even half as much as I am enjoying the planning of it!

So today, knit, crochet, play with yarn, whatever delights you. And share some sheep goodness with the world! I mean, honestly, aren’t these little faces making you grin just a little?