Knitting impacts the world around us.

If you have ever given a hand knit baby sweater to a first time mother you know what I mean.

Make a pair of mittens and deliver them to a homeless shelter in winter. You won’t just see the smiles on the faces of the recipients but those working there will be moved. Trust me on this. A scad of 8 to 10 year old girls and their mothers did this with me 10 years ago and my heart was overcome by the experience.

A sweater, mittens, prayer shawls… we can easily understand the joy these knitted gifts bring.

Now consider the joy, delight and happiness a hand knit washcloth can bring.

Wait? What?

w a s h c l o t h

You, Dear Reader have the power to help by simply knitting a square.

 What I am saying is: I do not want an old towel to take an opportunity away from me to do something kind!

A Medical Team dedicated to helping local community centers in Haiti will be leaving my hometown in a few weeks. They sent out a request for washcloths: “You can grab an old towel and cut it in to small squares for washcloths” it was said. My heart hurt at this request. My community of knitting friends and I can make a washcloth, a clean, fresh washcloth and share something much, much better.

I am not saying an old towel ripped up wouldn’t serve a purpose. What I am saying is: I do not want an old towel to take an opportunity away from me to do something kind!

Why not use an old towel and cut it up?

Let me share with you quickly what this makeshift washcloth is for, or more appropriately, Who this is for…

IMG_1824 Each person that comes to the clinic can receive a hygiene package. Things in that kit help meet very basic needs that people in this devastated area have. They receive soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, band-aids and a washcloth. Personal hygiene and malnutrition are areas these volunteers can help and do so quite easily. Simple acts of sharing food and showing how to clean and care for woulds make a difference. They DO make a difference.

So please consider the simple washcloth. A square. Knit it in garter with two strands of sturdy cotton held together and you can have it done over a cup of coffee.

A simple square. Simple for you to knit or crochet.

A toothbrush and toothpaste. Could you consider grabbing one of each from your local Mart?

The Medical Team has at present these needs: washcloth, toothbrush, tooth paste.

Can I challenge you towards one donation? Can I encourage you to share this opportunity with others?

The question earlier was: Why not use an old towel and cut it up?

Because I am a knitter! I do not settle for rags. And if it is in my power, others do not need to settle for rags.

I can share myself with these people in need. I can join in with my two hands.



Imagine what I could do if I busted my ass a little? Really dug deep? Stopped knitting for myself during a tv show for just one day?

What could I do?

What difference could I make?

I am not sure. But I know I am about to find out.

Will you join with me?

If not in knitting or crocheting, perhaps in sharing this opportunity? Sharing it takes no effort at all. Click a share button a few times today and make a difference. Some of us really are too busy to knit or crochet at present, but we all have 5 second to repost, retweet, embed this….

#SimplySeptember can be a simple way for us to change somebody’s life.

I am so freaking excited right now I want to knit a ton of these things.

Knit now and HEAD HERE for info where to send them and the timeline.


{photos provided by Medical Team members with permission to share here}


Simply Sheepish!

Last Wednesday I shared with you a great way to wear the largest size of Hapa. If you missed it, have a look here. It is the first of a series of ways I like to wear shawls. On Friday I have a couple ways to share how I like to wear medium sized shawls, apart from wrapped around my shoulders. These posts are easy things to do with knits you already have or may be working on, but also work perfectly with large fabric wraps. Making a few wraps is an activity I plan to share with you next Wednesday. Simple. Gratifying. So fast you may decide to whip up a few for gifts!


Today I want to simply share some sheepish faces. In just a few weeks we will take an adventure on the podcast to meet these lovelies at their home in Pennsylvania. It will be a three part series with the podcast. Something i hope you will enjoy even half as much as I am enjoying the planning of it!

So today, knit, crochet, play with yarn, whatever delights you. And share some sheep goodness with the world! I mean, honestly, aren’t these little faces making you grin just a little?


#SimplySeptember, Keeping In Touch

Simply Share

Knitting is such a wonderful hobby…though some of you may want to throw daggers at my use of the word “hobby” as it may be a lifestyle, therapy, community, work…

What ever it is to you, it can always be MORE!

Your knitting can be inspiration to others. Folks in your knitting group may “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” over your creation.

The LYS owner may cringe in frustration with you as you have to rip out 11 rows…but luckily that class she taught on lifelines that you attended, so ripping out is so much less of a headache.

Maybe you knit at the local coffee shoppe and nobody else does, but doggone if they aren’t your biggest fan! “HOW do you do THAT? Hey guys! Come look at what he (she) made!” Love from non-knitters is a beautiful thing, and don’t be fooled in to thinking non-knitters do not appreciate this super power…they do!

But share, share, share my friend!

And one very easy way to do that is in pictures! Pictures connect us quickly, no matter what language we speak, no matter what fiber we use!

If you have a smart phone, have you tried Instagram? It is, in essence a Show and Tell time. A picture is captured on your phone, you small ever it as you add a phrase describing it (and a hashtag like #withmeldotcom to help folks sort through things quickly) and then you simply share it.

The photo at the top of this page I am sharing on Instagram and twitter today. It will take 3 to 5 seconds to share it and countless people will say What A Cutie! They may lean over to the person beside them and let them have a peek. If they spin, they may start to ask me fleece questions in the comment section. If they knit they will now see a face of the fleece donor representing so many others that make their hobby possible.

Sharing this simple picture brings a bunch of us a bit closer in our community. They squeals going up about this fleecy friend are nothing like the Hoorahs! you feel sent your way when you post your first sock image or progress on the sweater knit out of handspun…or your very first dishcloth! Yes, knitters do want to cheer you on!

You simply need to share!

Instagram screen shot

If you are interested now in sharing on Instagram, but don’t know where to start:

  • You will need a smart phone that can take pictures and connect on-line
  • You can also use you iPad or tablet if it has a camera and on-line capabilities
  • Download the free Instagram App by heading to the links below for helpful information :

FOR iPhones (Mac devices)



==>>Need something else? Simply google Instagram and “Your Type of Phone Name”

  • Make a clever user name for yourself. Lots of knitters use their Ravelry ID or their blogging name. Whatever you decide write it down in a safe place with your password too!
  • Find a few friends to follow! Following lets you see pictures those people share. There are many neat people to follow and you simply need to click the follow button on their profile. (the profile simply shares a bit of info about yourself or that person. When creating yours perhaps use 5 words that sum up your awesome personality or knitting ninja skills!)
  • Find me and say aloha! I am @MSkiKnits. If you look to the sidebar you may see some images I have posted recently, as well as a quick link to connect us!

Once you get on Instagram let me know! I will be sharing some simple things this month to make Instagram even more fun that it already is! (and it is! it really is!) So start with getting on Instagram today, look around, make yourself at home and see if you notice and inspiring pictures. You may find Instagram causes Cast-On-itis….but we will cover that another time!



#SimplySeptember Starts

So many things vie for your attention. I will try to make this short and sweet.


#SimplySeptember is incorporating what you are already doing but maybe considering them a new way. You don’t need to knit or sew or sign up or purchase or watch or DO anything with me. I am just going to share a few things in this series that I do. They aren’t hard, but can be enriching…and sometimes they enrich because they minimize!

Today I am sharing a simple way to arrange a shawl, the first in a five part series.

Most of us have shawls perhaps knit by us, a friend, courtesy of the accessories department at the local boutique. They serve a great purpose for warding off a chill, which may be why they find themselves over our shoulders so often.

But what if you took that same shawl and did a wee bit of Human Oragami!?

{You will need a larger shawl and not a shawlette for this. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. Try this pattern here to knit one or tune in for this weekend’s post on creating 5 incredible wraps in 55 minutes…}

Using a medium to large shawl or wrap, cover your shoulders with the shawl thereby centering yourself (literally take time to “center yourself”… put You in the middle and then take a few relaxing breaths…you deserve a moment to ground yourself…especially if this activity goes awry and you find yourself cocooned like Frodo Baggins by Shelob…just kidding! This is supposed to be simple remember! What could go wrong?)

yRcmBXltOpWcnsyOUoojlJG9qwNZVgQpXFwzcfb67bw,C-GuCB103DqgXIu7XL4zY8iCQKzilMkXAiQkZoiBkLE,cjMhXmncSizNYoYv1GbqA8cYE0KgfK2kkmU-rBmpeIE,5YMi46c6V2fZ6HzG6GFa9bsNf5Jhl6YDeAhY787YI2w,OXpm-oOqUGVRm9TazwFpR4IoQKQqiyPYiILe-ekBnvg YAd-wPYGmJDxho6yjrfFRviFtv3DxF8-RboAYQsZP0M,rpdNmdx9BJ8BNAOTzHwWPwrDYqDikk6_-kbCJ2ZB0CM,C0ALAioQ32U0kjfoHoUdvaPiwueuWrFEXOYeGGxHWQM,jxVfGmo_w_zl32s229sPfwgzOQqpuSGb_7tXQvdAyQM,mhLz21_pPpWrui_RAewb4Qy1cteBgNH9k9Q-wYCxWM0

Cross the shawl in front of you, left over right or right over left doesn’t matter. We will come back and style it in  moment, for now just crossover…just not to the other side please…I need you around in the next few steps…


Take the shawl ends to your back and tie in a knot. I like to place my knot either in the small of my back or just beneath the draping part of the shawl tucked away.

That knot can serve as a reminder when your posture is not up to your fullest as you sit. When you feel it pressing a bit more than comfy lumbar support you have begun to hunch. I am totally serious: lifting up or “sitting up straight” is better for your body, avoid the hunch and look and feel your best.



24H6nMQ7RNfzTCNxO8MRmSm5UUdVm_MHA1YByTDO3-Q,gvAetC7FGUjWaA-1lbBbtLhRjsep72K1QmEzKvjzTFk,z2pZ5SSWxs0bGPQ53wC8Daj32y20IwhtHNdSMhHTkuoThis origami wrap will look beautiful after smoothing and adjusting. You can use smaller shawls and create an empire waist version wrapping beneath the bust line as opposed to low on the hips as shown.

Wrapping this way not only works for knitted shawls, but equally lovely for stoles and oversized scarves.

So a simple criss-cross-tie and you now can add a bit of pop to your wardrobe!

Show me your shawl wrap! Use the #SimplySeptemeber hashtag and tag me as @MSkiKnits

Love this shawl? Make one for yourself! See here for details.

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The Tide Rolls In, The Tide Rolls Out

That is an expression I have heard for so long I don’t even remember the first time.

As the tide rolled out yesterday an awareness of the fleeting moments of summer rolled over me.

Initially I was bummed. Now that my arm is regaining motion I want to get in the water and surf. Approaching cooler weather means wetsuit for surfing, and I have to confess I prefer board shorts and swimsuit top to a wetsuit…

It also means resuming. As a homeschooling family it was time to resume the role of teacher, a role I love, but now that I have begun pattern designing intentionally, teaching means rearranging my timetable. So, a season of less free time will begin. I don’t know about you, but I very much dig my free time…

Approaching cooler weather also marks change

CHANGE was something about which I could definitely get excited! The water temps will change, my daily time line will change, activities will change, family dynamics will change too… but there is also the opportunity for wardrobe changes! I love layering and look forward to adding bits and pieces of preexisting knits to my wardrobe. I also have the opportunity to intentionally create some pieces for my closet. As I choose what to knit and sew this month I do so with a smile on my face. There are so many possibilities. Ways to wear all the knits excite me as well. Over the course of this month I plan to share how I like to layer and wear some hand knits. I hope you will share along too! I have even created a little challenge for us to undertake! I hope you find it helpful and fun, but more importantly something in which you can take part! #SimplySeptember launches tomorrow Sept 3rd!

So join me tomorrow for more details!