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Let’s Get Together!


There is a new podcast up!

After quite some time since I had the pleasure of sitting down with you, I have a new podcast to share!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

Quick points of interest:

∞ The Hats Off thread is here: click this link!

∞ The free handspun hat pattern releases to all knitters on the newsletter list. Want one? Click here! The pattern will be mailed **FREE** to everyone who has signed up on or before 12 March. You will see the pattern pdf download on 13 March 2015 in your inbox! =) Nothing could be simpler! Everyone else will be able to get the pattern on 27 March! image

∞ Ready to deepen you understanding of yarn? Why not look in to Begin Your Swatching Adventures!


∞ Want the Swatch Hat patten? It is almost ready for you! It will first be heading out to Swatch Like You Mean it Class participants and Space Cadet mini-skein club members. For everyone else the pattern will be available for $1.00 on 11 March 2015.

YOUR $1.00 purchase will go directly to help fund the learning project my daughter and I are about to embark on: K1R1:Knit1Reach1. Your $1.00 buys you a hat pattern with more versatility that you can imagine! That same dollar will provide yarn and needles for girls in our area interested in the art of knitting!

∞ You have until Sunday March 8th at 10 pm EST to enter the most wonderful—wonderfully easy!—giveaway! It celebrates the new design I have with Quince and Co. Scarves, etc 2015 collection. Have you entered? Pop over and try! But you better hurry! Link is here!

My best aloha to you!

It was such a delight spending time together once again! We should do it again very soon…like tweet me now! 😉



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A Good Sport Yarn

This post was slated for earlier this morning, but in the excitement of the Quince & Co. Scarves, etc. 4 release I waited until this evening! For all of you who have been showing the pattern some love on Ravelry BIG THANKS! (the photo above is Pomaika’i)

Now on to the regularly scheduled post…and a winner….

I love sport weight yarn. It is probably the yarn I have most of in my stash. What makes it appealing to me? There are several reasons:

  1. I enjoy it for its versatility*. —I know what you are thinking: “Can’t all yarn weights be versatile?” Yes, yes, they can, but I love HOW sport shows off its “Put me in Coach! I can play any position!” attitude and it does it at a SPRINT! I can whip up a pair of vanilla socks or fingerless gloves that were meant to be done in fingering weight yarn while boiling water for my tea when using sport. OK, OK, you got me! Not that fast for sure, but it seems so much faster than fingering weight and not quite so tiring on my fingers as a bulky yarn might be.                                                                                                                                                                                   *And by versatility I mean: one minute it is the cutest slouchy hat (see below) and the next minute it is an elegantly draping sweater! (see further below…look for a hot pink sweater!)

Drizzle in extra slouchy

2. With the increased speed I gain, I don’t lose drape! I like certain fingering weight patterns simply because those little stitches created with little yarn on little needles make a BIG IMPACT. That trio creates stunning drape and definition. It makes me long to cast on so many elegant and fluid patterns knit in 2, 3 and 4 ply! But Sport works for me equally well as the drape and gentleness created still gives me fabric that moves and dances lightly in to what I want to create.


3. I gain what I want, but I avoid too much bulk. What do I mean? Hand knit socks are so awesome. I love them! I just wish they would fly off the needles as quickly as they flew on! What appeals to me about hand knit socks is the quality of fit, comfort and warmth–and of course beauty! I have found I can make socks in Sport, still enjoying these qualities, AND STILL GET MY FOOT IN THE SHOE. They zip along faster, and for my littlest Knit•Wear-Now demander recipient, she can delight in the joy of her “Made Just For Me!” item all the sooner!

4. And now we have what is probably my strongest point of why sport weight yarn is so appealing to me:



Isn’t that the happiest of coincidences?

I have the biggest crush on Lyra yarn by Space Cadet. I am not sure if it is the playful way the yarn behaves in my hands and on my needles, or if it is the incredible colour pallet I have from which to choose, but I love this yarn! My hat pattern Drizzle is knit in it and actually was created for it. A fun hat knit from fun yarn.

Quite recently I re-created a pattern that was originally an exclusive pattern for SpaceCadet. The striped version still is. But the solid version shown here is available now on Ravelry!  Yes! It is!

Stripeless Mauna Kea

Stripeless Mauna Kea

This sweater knits up fast, can be easily adjusted (lengthen the sleeves, adjust body length and fit, add a stripe or two of your own in a contrasting colour….)

And what was super fun this time around was being able to knit the smallest size sweater and still have leftovers enough to create the Beanie version of Drizzle (shown below).

Drizzle {Beanie Version}

Drizzle {Beanie Version}

If you aren’t a Sport Fan yet, I have some things in the works to hopefully get you in the game! But for now Team we have an exciting announcement!


Commentor #1: bellasocks !!!  Woohoo and Congrats!

She shared this comment:

Some ig folks that inspire me…

For those of you who didn’t win the free pattern, here are two wee treats to give you cause to smile:

#1 ∞  You may use the code EveryOneWinsWithAloha on the Mauna Kea Pattern for $1 off {Offer good until 5pm Thurs. Feb 26th}

#2 ∞ And for everyone who could benefit from 1 minute of an island music & a getaway…well really a minute and a half…enjoy the video below!




{{Spoiler alert! At the end of this post are 3 incredible giveaways!}}

I recently had a chance to chat with designer and teacher Laura Nelkin. I thought I was just going to share an interesting person with you, but wound up making a friend connection for myself!

We had a blast chatting about what it takes to design knitting patterns, to create a book, to juggle our dreams and reality..we covered a lot of creative territory in the hopes of bringing an inspiration and insight to you!

If you have a KNOCKOUT KNITS book you may want to grab it to have on hand as we talk about interesting behind the scenes tidbits! So have a listen and then pop back over here to see what Laura has to share with you as a gift! {Remember you can subscribe to the podcast by way of iTunes!}

POdcast screenshot



Laura has graciously offered a free autographed copy of KNOCKOUT KNITS for one lucky listener!

Simply grab one of these Knockout Knits images below and share it on Instagram or Twitter! Be sure to tag me @MSkiKnits and Laura @LauraNelkin and use the #knockoutknits and #smallkineknitswithmel hashtags. You may enter once a day from Jan 26th to Feb 2nd, 2015.

Choose from this image!image




You can win a free kit to kit one of Laura’s designs! Her etsy shoppe has some incredible kits!  Simply pop over there and look around and tell me in the comments below which is your favourite!  Please comment only once!

Hibisco by Laura Nelkin  Photo used with permission by L.Nelkin

Hibisco by Laura Nelkin Photo used with permission by L.Nelkin


Oh my stars! You have heard me go on and on about SpaceCadet Mini Skeins…

Watch this video and be prepared for the mini treat I plan to share with you later this week! I will show you the cuffs mentioned in the podcast as well as the giveaway!

Well I hope I got your Monday off to a good start!

Aloha ∞ Peace ∞ Happy Knitting!