April Fun!

April means OUTLANDER! The Starz Tv Drama begins on April 4th for some viewers putting an end to what so many have dubbed “Droughtlander”

As April starts so does our final month of our kit and clan fun. And you can bet your kilt it is going to have as much fun packed in to it as it can hold!

April 1st: Grab your parcel and spend a few moments with me to start things off!

Afterward why not gather your needles from the previous 2 knits, your project bag and ball this month’s yarn!


April 2nd: We plan out our project!

The Shrug comes in 2 sizes, easily altered S/M and L/XL

Let’s Look At The Shrug’s Measurements:

  • From Edge to Edge: 34(37) inches
  • Each Contrast Colour Cuff: 1.5(2) inches
  • Lace Panel from inside CC Cuff edge (side to side): 31 (33) inches
  • Arm Circumference 9(11) inches
  • Center Back (next to bottom edge): 13 (15) inches

Planning a great fit:

Measure from center neck/back downwards to mark where 9(11) inches falls.

Measure 17(18.5) inches to the right of the center to see how long your shrug will extend. If you want to extend or reduce the length make not of that as we plan. You can increase the length in three different ways:

  1. work the contrast colour cuff  longer
  2. work the lace panel for more repeats
  3. combine both of these

**If you plan to make this as a gift for someone else a very simple way to ensure a great fit is to collect a fitted T-shirt of the recipient and measure in the same manner across the fitted T-shirt as shared above.

Not wanting a shrug? Super simple alteration here:


Work the pattern flat for size L/XL or even add one additional lace panel. Work no shaping of increases or decreases. Work the total number of repeats for size listed above, or continue until the length desired is reached.

April 3rd: A lesson in reading charts. This pattern has written instructions as well as a simple starter lace pattern chart. For those who have never used a chart I hope to help you feel better about how to read them. Other clansmemebers will probably have word of encouragement to share as well!

A Lesson In Lace:

Reading a lace chart doesn’t need to be intimidating, or confusing. Oftentimes it can be both, though. I hope by sharing these few points you will feel eager to investigate chart knitting instead of putting aside a pattern because it has a charted pattern!

First let’s look at the chart key and see if we recognize any common factors:

lace chart key

Hmmm! Well this isn’t to bad! We have an empty square right at the top which says it means for us to Knit stitches on the RS and Purl them when we are on the WS. Doing that will create a stockinette portion, which is smooth…the box looks smooth…that should be easy to remember or manage.

Below that we see “/” which means we are knitting 2 sts together. When 2 sts are knit together they slant that way when you look at them. So we can associate what the stitches will be doing with the slant of this bar. So far so good.

Try the next one! The slant bar is leaning the other direction “\” opposite of the last symbol. We will work the sts opposite of K2tog which is SSK.

And lastly, that “O” definitely doesn’t scare me! It refers to a Yarn Over and I can do that with no trouble. How about you?

So we see from the key that we are familiar with the stitches the chart wants us to work! That is why I always love reading the key first! I prefer feeling empowered and then challenged.

So let’s have a wee peek at the chart!

lace chart screen shot!

Let’s chat charts! You can see odd numbers on the right and even numbers on the left. Having numbers on both sides tell us at a glance the chart is to be knit flat, not in the round.

The chart also shows us at a glance the lace pattern is only worked on the odd numbers. So WOOHOO! We can rest a bit on the evens and not worry about looking at the chart. At the top we see numbers. Those numbers are our stitch counts. Sometimes we will see a bracket showing which part of the chart needs to be repeated (that will be on the pattern you receive Saturday evening!)

A great benefit of seeing this chart is having a visual clue as to how the stitches behave. Above we see our YOs move from the left towards the right and then travel back towards the left. So we can see the rhythm of our knitting.

This lacework we will be doing I hope will be fun and just challenging enough to keep you interested. Once you have worked it a few times you will feel more confident and may find yourself relying less and less on the chart!

Now don’t worry! Saturday afternoon when the pattern releases there will be written directions, row by row, so you can use the chart AND the written instructions to get yourself on solid ground. Or choose which you prefer!

For now, I would love to hear any comments and ideas on things YOU do to feel like a confident knitter! Share those below! And then if you get a free moment, be sure to head over to our Ravelry thread for the KAL that starts tomorrow and post a photo of your supplies! The pattern will be linked below at 5 pm EST to give you plenty of time to get a bit of swatching started before Claire and Jamie hit the screen. (I do recommend swatching the lace pattern for practice, as well as to ensure gauge. Lace really does blossom and stretch!) We can swatch this weekend and start our knitting this week. Or if you are eager blaze a trail! Details for the KAL timeline will post with the pattern. REMEMBER: You can knit as fast or as slowly as You want! There will be helps and guides and treats along the way. We have all month to enjoy this project, so no worries! I am just eager to enjoy the month of April together knitting!


April 4th: The pattern releases and our KnitALong starts!

Pattern is available to download now on Ravelry using the code: OutlanderApril!

Knit with us at a relaxed pace or choose to knit on your own! We will have awesome giveaways during our KAL too! Yummy yarns, knitting tools, awesome patterns! I hope you are excited! I certainly am!  During our KAL we will great fun encouraging one another, as well as recommendations for a few simple alterations for the pattern!

Join in here and on Ravelry. Post photos or instagram, twitter, anywhere You like to be social!

Also in April our Envelope Swap will happen! I am eager for us to get that started! If you have yet to contact me, please head here for more information. I am extending the deadline until 5 April at which time I will send everyone their fun swap partner.

For all those involved in the Outlander Clan, be sure you have emailed me your best SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS.  There were a few folks who had different mailing address than the original Paypal record and I want you to get the special little mailing from me without delay or error.

Finally, on April 15th you will receive a bonus pattern to use leftovers from your yarn in a beautiful way. This little knit works up quickly and makes great gifts…or treats to keep for yourself!

So many wonderful things are ahead for this month! It has been a joy to have your participation! Looking ahead to a marvelous April!



22 thoughts on “April Fun!

    • You could easily modify it a few ways: Measure the circumference of your arm just above your elbow to determine how much of an increase you would need. That is a good starting point.


        • It is here on this page where you are commenting. Just a little bit above the comments. It appears you are commenting via your iPhone. Sometimes mobile devices need to close out the link and re-open, similar to refreshing on your computer browser. It is directly below the image of the pattern.


  1. Thanks for listing your email to make it easy to fulfill your request. I don’t know how often you are sending emails so I can’t say if I’ve received them all. I have received at least some. I have had some issues with email lately and am not receiving some that people have sent me. I also get a few hundred a day, and my email program on my iPad doesn’t allow saving of addresses so to find a past email from you to write you means searching for a needle in a haystack. Making your email address easily findable makes it easy for me to contact you. You should be good with my mailing address as it is all that was ever used and was not the issue with me not receiving the initial package. As you are asking for it, I will email you it to make it easy for you. I’m interested to see what is coming next. Thanks!


  2. Ted says:

    So the pattern says for large size cast-on 61 stitches, but when we get to the pattern row it says (K14, P2, work lace panel 4 times, P2, K14) 76 stitches. How is this achieved? I know it can be done because we’ve actually got 122 stitches on the needle but I cant fathom how to divide it up.


    • Aloha Ted! First I owe you an apology. I uploaded the not finalized file on Friday. I shared the Sanctuary Shrug file instead of the Sanctuary Shrug Final file. Please forgive me for the frustration and consternation you experienced.
      Now on to solving your question: Working from the final version (but also for any version) The edge stitches are set and the lace panel is a multiple of 10 sts plus 1. Each time you work the lace panel you decrease 2 and add 2 so it keeps the stitches the same each row. I am not certain how you increased to 122? Were you not decreasing? Or am I misunderstanding completely and you added more panels?


      • Ted says:

        No, I cast on 61 with 1 strand of each color. Then I worked 2 knit rows with both strands. This gave me 122 “stitches” on the needle even though they are counted as 61.


        • But you are holding them together as one strand right? The pattern says:
          “With larger needles and 1 strand of MC and CC held together, CO using long tail method 59(69) sts.
          Then you :
          Knit 2 rows. Break CC yarn and continue in MC.
          Even though you use 2 strands of yarn held as one, you still knit them as if they are one unit. Am I understanding you correctly? if not, please let me know so I can =)


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