Getting Ready For Class: First!

Grab a notebook, a 3 ring binder would be ideal!, that you can use for these activities and can bring to your class. I love these as you can add all kinds of things to them! I will bring my hole puncher to class and you can add hand-puts, notes and such from class in to it!




Record, as I chatted with you about in the video, your I LOVE YOU yarn! The one that makes you weak in the knees, makes your heart beats faster and your hands twitch to use!  Why do you love it? What things about this yarn make you giddy? When I say “yarn” you can interpret that anyway you want…no wrong answer. Is it a base? A base from a particular brand? Perhaps just a particular weight? YOU decide today. We will get more specific soon. Today let’s just be open-minded.

PAGE 2: 

Record the yarn you use most and why? If you use this frequently then you know this yarn! Is it a dependable workhorse of a yarn? is it economical? is it a colour grabber and holder? These are all things that you will find useful when we discuss substitution. So think it through now for practice!


Do you have stash? Any size stash will do! Look over your stash (if yo have a mega stash, weed through just some…) What kinds of assorted yarns do you have? Grab a basket and pull some representatives out! Don’t worry about having to wreck them or use them and split up a sweaters stash…for now just pull out as many different yarns as you have! Do you have 27 different single skeins of MadTosh ToshMerinoLight? Well pick a natural, a jewel, and a bright to be representatives. Don’t limit substitution to yarn base alone. Colour makes a huge difference so pull out contrasting yarns. And weights! Have only cotton, wool and alpaca yarns in stash? AWESOME! Do you have them in lace, fingering, worsted and bulky? There are your substitutions right there!

===>IN SHORT, you have an array of different things in stash! Creatively look for those yarns (that are labeled) and make up your own criteria for what goes in the basket.