Getting Ready For Class: Third

Well today is a bit easy…

You will be comparing and contrasting the knitted pieces you have created.

How do the textured stitches differ form one another? Is one very distinct? Is one a bit softer, maybe from a fuzzy halo of fiber? Record what you notice that is different.

What about how they are alike? Do they share the same type of twist? Are they alike in colour? Are they similar in drape?

Dig! Dig! Dig!

And when you think there is noting else to observe: PLAY WITH THEM!


Pick them up. Do they feel different?

Weigh them. Is there much different in weight and size? Are they similar in size but waaaay off on weight? Or vise versa?

Smell them.

Yeah, I really did type that.

Some fibers smell differently. You may love the look of it, but hate the scent… Would you want a beautiful sweater you hate to wear because the scent throws you for a loop?

Rub them on your neck. What do you think?

Ok…now you have finished right?


Head to a mirror. Hold them up a few feet away and look at them in the mirror. How do they appear, each one?


These are the ways we start thinking outside of the box for substitution.

Get Excited!