You HAVE seen this before…. but if is good stuff, it is worth repeating!

Before class try to do the steps below and the assessment activities from the last activity at least once a week and once on the weekend. Seriously, the more you teach yourself the more you learn! I want you to be a successful “subber” and getting you to develop a detective’s heart and eye is the way that happens…


  1. Grab 2 more skeins of yarn from the collection you amassed. Get the needle recommended for it’s use (oftentimes ball bands have a suggestion). Grab tea or coffee and smile. Seriously, smile. You are about to begin preparation for teaching a group of friends all about your pretty yarn. ou should feel stoked!
  2. Cast on enough stitches for 4 inches. Again, look to the ball band. If you see “somewhere around 5 stitches per inch…” written on that band, multiply # per inch by inches (for this example 5 sts X 4 inches which is our goal)
  3. Knit in stockinette for 4 inches. Bind off
  4. Drink tea. (although by this time you may want a glass of Chianti!)
  5. Cast on again with the same yarn the same number of stitches and knit as follows: Row 1: K, P, K, P, K, P to the end. Row 2: On this row you need to P the K stitches and K the P stitches. If you have an even # of sts you will work row 2 as you did row 1 starting with the K st. If you have an odd 3 of sts you will start Row 2 opposite of row 1. Begin your row with P (you will P, K, P, K, P…) across the row. This creates a nice texture!
  6. You guessed it: Cable time! Use that cable pattern you found earlier and loved! Make a sample of this cable with the yarn you’ve been using. Make the Investigative Tool At least 3 inches square.
  7. Yes, you need to do another victory dance!!
  8.  Repeat these last steps exactly as you did for the second skein. Don’t trade out your cable pattern. Use that again for this one.

Remember, you don’t need to do this activity in a day! Take 2 or maybe you will do it all in a day! Be sure that as you work you are intentionally observing your yarn at work. Jot down some thoughts!

I can’t wait to see what you bring to class—not just in the way of swatches, but in the way of SELF DISCOVERY!


And in case you had any doubt: I am proud of you! And very excited to work with you!