Oh Sweater! My Sweater!

Aloha! I hope after watching the video you are excited about making a sweater—or 100!–for yourself!

Before you start the actual “homework”–let’s call it class preparation, shall we? Take a moment and introduce yourself to me (and other sweater knitters) below! This class is supposed to be small as we have lots to cover for YOU specifically, so since we are going to be spending time together as a small group, please share yourself now! Where are you from? How long have you been knitting? Have you knit a sweater before? Do you have a fave? Which? Why? What yarns do you love knitting with and why? I can’t wait to hear all about YOU!


OK, after you do that you have a few things to do! They will post over the next few days so be sure you check back here on those days even if you aren’t done with the previous work! You need not be done with the work, I am simply staging it out so you concentrate on just a little at a time!

Click on the image below to head over to each activity!



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2 thoughts on “Oh Sweater! My Sweater!

  1. michelleowls says:

    Hello fellow classmates. My name is Michelle aka MichelleOwls on Instagram. I am from Southwest Ohio near Cincinnati. I have been knitting every day since November 2013, before that I knit every once in a while. But at the end of 2013 some knitting bug bit me and I have been knitting ever since. Before that I was a crocheter. It runs in my family, almost all the ladies in my family do it. I crochet left-handed so even though I was around it in my youth I just couldn’t do it right-handed. Once I moved out of my parents house I found a book that showed how to do it left-handed and it took off from there. I definitely never crocheted as much as I knit now though. Knitting is a huge passion of mine.

    I have knit several sweaters and it is hard to pick a favorite, but I would say my Rocky Coast cardigan because of the fun cable pattern and my Ginny’s cardigan because of the owl motif on the back. As far as what yarn I love to knit my sweaters in it would have to be a worsted weight 100% wool. Reasons being they are perfect for the climate I live in and that weight is what I have used to knit most of my sweaters. I will say though, that I have knit a couple sweaters in a sport weight which does have a lovely drape and I think is perfect for a more mild climate or a bit warmer season like spring. I do have a plan to knit a fingering weight sweater sometime in my future and I am sure that would make a nice sweater for spring or summer. I love knitting with 100% wool because of the blocking process, I soak it and spread it out and I love watching it bloom and soften. But then again, its the only kind I have knit my sweaters in so maybe my mind will change once I make one that uses a blended yarn.

    Can’t wait to meet you all at the Frolic!!!! Less than a month away. I am so excited!!! It will be my first retreat.


  2. Ophelia says:

    Hi to all! I live in Highlands, NC with close ties to Newnan(kids) and LaGrange, GA(Mom). We sold our house in GA last July and decided to become mountain folks. Love it! Still making frequent trips to the Atlanta to check on the family there.

    I knitted a little in high school and then none for years. I picked it up again Summer 2012 while we were spending a lot of time in Highlands and still working/living in Senoia, GA. I retired May 2013 and now can enjoy a much more versatile schedule. I can still knit in the car and while Gene is watching sports. What a perfect hobby!

    I have knitted lots of scarves, some hats, a chevron throw, a couple of vests – but no sweaters. I’m not afraid to try anything, just had other items on the agenda. I’m ready now – and looking forward to our class.

    See you all next weekend!


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