UPDATED! PDFs From Class to Post At Page Bottom

For this exercise you will use the ideas you came up with at the end of the last two exercises:

You will now create a swatch for yourself. You can work it however you’d like! Using a stitch pattern that you created, or one you simply love, or a combination of several, grab your yarn and notebook and begin to make your imaginings a reality!

You will knit this pattern on each yarn base you used in exercises 1 and 2.

  • Make it a G E N E R O U S sized swatch, at least 5 inches square.
  • Then record your thoughts on how each of the swatches look and feel.
  • Measure them well before blocking.
  • Measure them after a good soak and block. What changes occurred?
  • Make a label for each with gauge on it and attach it to each swatch.

Make yourself a super star and in spare moments repeat the exercise from day 1 to today with other yarns you think may make a lovely sweater! The more you play with yarn, the more creativity builds within you!

**Give a listen to a great activity even if you didn’t take the substitution class! http://www.buzzsprout.com/24412/258100-sub-class-eyes-wide-open ** You may also head over to the Substituiary Locomotion Page and download the pdf at the bottom of the first page. 

**ACTIVITY 1 PDF AFTER CLASS ACTIVITY** Click here to download —>>> Dream It {Activity 1 Sweater Class}

  • Sweater Pattern (to post 4/12)
  • Sweater Pattern Activity (to post 4/12)
  • Thoughts To Think (to post 5/1)
  • Other misc. activities will be added to help you along