Grab a notebook, a 3 ring binder would be ideal!, that you can use for these activities and can bring to your class.

First thing: Record your ideas for a perfect sweater! In my book (I will bring to class) I have a clear page that you can slip things in to. In it I have ALL KINDS of magazine tear outs of sweaters I love! You can do that. You can add patterns you have printed that you love for certain reasons (don’t worry of there is something you don’t like about it…we can talk through those things…) Get a sheet of notebook paper and write! write! write!

  • Would it be long or short–in body and sleeve length
  • What features would it have: hood, pockets, buttons, zipper…
  • Do you see it in a certain colour/coulors/coulour work?

THIS STEP IS SO IMPORTANT! If you fill up 10 pages of words and sketches and ideas I will be happy! Let you imagination go! It is like brainstorming in writing. There is no ONE right answer! You may jot down a ton of things that you think are crazy…but DO IT! We will weed through this later…NOT TODAY! Today we want to envision all the perfect sweaters!

Feeling shy? Feeling unprepared? Here are some great things to do:

  1. Get on Pinterest for an hour with SWEATERS as the only thing you search for and see if that helps
  2. Dig out old patterns you have knit or wanted to knit. Put a sticky not on it telling what drew you to this sweater pattern
  3. Look through your closet and find you favourite store bought sweaters. On a piece of paper jot down what it looks like (or snap a pic and print it out!) Then list all the reasons you love it.