Now let us get to work a bit on some foundational things:

Pick a yarn weight that you love. Find a skein that you think might be a *B E A U T I F U L* sweater. What is th fiber content? Why do you like the yarn? Jot down a few things in your notebook about what made you get excited about the yarn? AND DO NOT WORRY IF THERE ARE SEVERAL YARNS VYING FOR YOUR ATTENTION! We will be repeating this step a few times with different yarns. Make a page in your notebook for this yarn. Record information the ball band shares or tape the band to the page! Answer the prompts below on your page as well.

First thing is first: PLAY TIME!

  1. Grab a set of needles recommended for this yarn (look at the ball band for some helpful guidance)
  2. Cast on approx. 6 inches worth of stitches. For example if the band suggest on size US 8 needles that you will have 5 sts per inch, cast on 30.
  3. Immediately begin in stockinette and knit enough rows so that prior to a soak and block your piece measures 6 inches.
  4. Take a deep breath and repeat the above 3 steps a second time. Remember, I have goodies and treats to award you in class for this hard work!

Next: Respond to the swatch. 

  • What do you like about it?
  • What do you notice?

Last: Finish strong

  1. Soak and block one swatch but not the other.
  2. Measure each and record information about each. St count, row count, differences between the two
  3. Make a label for each. I use little round tabs from the hardware store that I can write info on. Simply make a note of it being Play Thing #1 of Sweater Guide #1—let us not demean their position in life by referring to them as merely swatches!

Before your next activity, consider a few great ideas for what would look nice worked in this yarn:

  • a lace pattern
  • a cable motif
  • a highly textured stitch

Take time to think about what you would like to see this yarn DO in a sweater.

Write it down in your notebook