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6Bits CollageStories behind the knitting

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  1. mills72014 says:

    Great! So much fun! A new beginning is a wonderful thing. Welcome to my beach. I am so glad you love it like I do. Fun to see it through someone else’s eyes. Can’t wait for the next chat.


  2. I’m speechless! Your arm is amazing. It’s funny, 3 years seems to be the magic number for nerves. After a fall and serious concussion, I discovered that I no longer had the sense of smell. I was told I probably wouldn’t get it back. Imagine my surprise when 3 years after my fall, I began to smell again! Congratulations to your arm!


  3. SQUEEEEEE! Thank you for continuing to share you! You are so inspiring, joyful, and giving. I’ll be knitting with you! I miss the shores of the beach, love that you take me there! We’ ve had some great conversations, and good knitting times! ~angelmum3 on Ravelry


  4. Your friend Stephanie from SpaceCadet told your courageous story; it brought tears to my eyes.
    Congratulations on all of it- your fantastic recovery, your beautiful new blog, and your wonderful knits! I’m glad I found you!!!


  5. Mel, Congrats on your recovery — I’m sure it’s not complete but how far you’ve come is so inspiring! Heard about you from SpaceCadet and so glad I did. Take care and best wishes for continued health!


  6. sticksnpins says:

    I too, learned of your recovery from Stephanie, the SpaceCadet! Congrats to you and Amen for all those answered prayers. Best of luck today and for the future! You’ve gained some new followers I’m sure.


  7. mrsdennis93 says:

    Mel, please help. Shawl.what do you mean by pick up stitches from side and bottom?? This isn’t computing in my mind. Can you show me or speak very slooowly. 🙂


  8. robbiesister says:

    Squeee!!! Congrats on such a beautiful new blog, new podcast and a new adventure. I love your reasons for moving on to “with Mel”. (I might be crying right now, but that is okay) you are such a beautiful person inside and out and I can’t wait to see what this adventure holds for you.


  9. annebaronsandinmysocks says:

    Love the shawl! I’d go for “Saxon Blue” and “Playing in Puddles”…it is a hard choice so many wonderful combinations!!!


  10. I think your positive attitude is contagious. You have done a great job with your recovery. I wish you future success. The shawls are beautiful. I goy my Hapa kit this morning and can’t wait to start. I just casted on the new one from the podcast. Many alohas to you😊👍


  11. miazoe1955 says:

    Hi Mel,
    I can’t wait for Hapa! It’s beautiful. I tried to order a kit from Infinite Twist to come to Canada, but apparently Cate only ships to China or U.S. I contacted her and the shipping was going to be crazy expensive with a 45% package loss rate (:
    Can you recommend another very similar yarn to knit the large shawl with?
    Thank you.


  12. Debby Baker says:

    I am needlesbythemarsh on raveled, posted my many projects for the skein of yarn contest.Sent an email but you didn’t,t get it? Debby


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