The Tide Rolls In, The Tide Rolls Out

That is an expression I have heard for so long I don’t even remember the first time.

As the tide rolled out yesterday an awareness of the fleeting moments of summer rolled over me.

Initially I was bummed. Now that my arm is regaining motion I want to get in the water and surf. Approaching cooler weather means wetsuit for surfing, and I have to confess I prefer board shorts and swimsuit top to a wetsuit…

It also means resuming. As a homeschooling family it was time to resume the role of teacher, a role I love, but now that I have begun pattern designing intentionally, teaching means rearranging my timetable. So, a season of less free time will begin. I don’t know about you, but I very much dig my free time…

Approaching cooler weather also marks change

CHANGE was something about which I could definitely get excited! The water temps will change, my daily time line will change, activities will change, family dynamics will change too… but there is also the opportunity for wardrobe changes! I love layering and look forward to adding bits and pieces of preexisting knits to my wardrobe. I also have the opportunity to intentionally create some pieces for my closet. As I choose what to knit and sew this month I do so with a smile on my face. There are so many possibilities. Ways to wear all the knits excite me as well. Over the course of this month I plan to share how I like to layer and wear some hand knits. I hope you will share along too! I have even created a little challenge for us to undertake! I hope you find it helpful and fun, but more importantly something in which you can take part! #SimplySeptember launches tomorrow Sept 3rd!

So join me tomorrow for more details!




11 thoughts on “The Tide Rolls In, The Tide Rolls Out

  1. brandybj says:

    My time/schedule is changing roles as well. It’s kind of fun though, that my free time will now be filled with inspiring little ones in the quest for knowledge and beauty and growing into themselves. I always schedule myself knitting time as well-this mommy needs concentration time. 🙂 Out here it’s ALWAYS wetsuit water-and I appreciate your love of the lack of one. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for sept. Take luck with teaching and may the light in your children’s eyes embrace your soul with every little step. 🙂

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  2. knitstostaysane says:

    Tomorrow is an important day in our house. Ben starts senior school. It marks an important and huge change in his life. He’ll have a lot of growing up to do in a very short space of time.

    I look forward to Somply September. I hope it will distract me from my worries!


  3. I am not ready for fall yet! Aaaaaahhhhh!! Usually, the end of August and September are still quite nice here, sometimes even really hot, but this year, we’ve just had so much rain. Even in the summer, we had a lot of colder days and many where it was unbearably hot during the day, with terrible thunderstorms at night. It’s been raining non stop for a few days now and I’ve made a list of things to look forward to during the colder seasons: eating chestnuts and chestnut desserts, knitting and actually waring my FOs and drinking tea in front of our fake fireplace (our TV playing a video…hahahah). I really, really don’t like the cold. I don’t even enjoy skiing because I’m always freezing. I know, it looks like I’m not a true Austrian (or Austro-Canadian at heart), eh? Thank god we’ve gotten into the habit of traveling somewhere warm during the fall/winter and I can’t wait. Is it October 31st yet? Haha.


  4. Simply September, something to look forward to what with the change of seasons!
    I always get a little sad when the summer season is over. However we do have enjoyable weather thru Sept and Oct in New Hampshire! Maybe we will have a huge Indian summer!


  5. OffToExplore says:

    September and October mark the season of beautiful weather here in Japan. Not too hot, no snow yet. We are trying to spend more time outside before it comes time to hibernate for the winter. We tend to do schooling year-round, but fall has made me change my rhythms and do more documenting of what we do each day.

    The cooler weather has definitely spooled up my desire to knit all the things! I have become a more monogamous crafter of late, so I am really eager to finish up my socks and/or camp blanket so that I can dive into something new and exciting! I look forward to seeing what Simple September may hold.


  6. What a privilege it is to be a part of giving little ones a successful start!! It is so fun to see them get excited and filled with wonder over the world around them. Thanks for sharing Mel!!


  7. thesnailgarden says:

    I can feel change in the air here too. The nights are now chilly, the leaves are beginning to show their autumn colours and the geese have been honking loudly overhead as they migrate. This week children also go back to school after their summer holidays, which means as a school librarian, that my summer is now over too and this month we will be getting back into routine as our children return to uni. I am intrigued by #SimplySeptember!
    Here’s hoping for an Indian Summer, Pj x


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