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First Monday Night of 2016

The year is 2016

Did I really just type the number 2016?!?

{the sound of a record being scratched should be cued right now! You know the sound I mean}

Holy cow! 2016? Is it me or did I just miss the last 300 and something days?

Well let’s catch up, shall we?

2015 was a great year, not an easy year at all, and it didn’t wrap up all nice and neat and tidy. But it had so many beautiful moments that I am putting it in with the past 40 years as ones I will look back over and think of pleasant moments with amazing people. And with much much knitting!

At a glance 2015 was packed with some knitting I absolutely loved!


And that’s just some of the year!

And now I can get excited about 2016 knits too! Here’s a small peek! If you want to see more the 6 Bits Storybooks website has LOTS of eye candy!

There are loads of things on my To-Knit List from some other amazing designers! I look forward to knitting those soon!

What are you excited about knitting? I can’t wait to hear! So tell me! Maybe we have the same idea– or maybe you will introduce me to my dream project!

~With love and aloha in 2016,



3 thoughts on “First Monday Night of 2016

  1. I am knitting a cowl for a friend, and want to cast on a hat for a friend who is graduating from college this month. I want to make me a sweater (Flaxlight by Tin Can Knits) and knit with at least 5 skeins of my handspun. I want to knit a pair of socks every month this year. Plus, I want to crochet a prayer shawl for my church charity every other month.


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