Rugged and wild, pristine and remote, natural and inspiring no matter which direction you wander…

Never once has Kokee been less than unbelievable or missed an opportunity to stir my imaginings.

And so the creation of 6 Bits: Wander evolved.

Wander title page

If you are eager to wander a new path this summer I would love to head out adventuring with you!
6 Bit: Wander Collection includes: 

  • 3 sleeveless tops: Canyon, Trail & Sky
  • 2 elegant shrugs: Talus & Drumlin
  • 1 scarf: Overlook
  • Wander Kokee A Look Book of beautiful images and text about Kokee and the genesis of each unique piece in the collection
  • A feature on the 2 yarns used in creating all the patterns, Kestrel and Sparrow from Quince & Co.
  • A helpful planning guide to use for substituting yarns

Below is Canyon, knit in Kestrel rosehip as main colour and senza as the contrast colour.  Canyon swings and drapes, playfully adding texture and beauty by simply tossing it on…

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And here is Trail, knit in Sparrow blue spruce with sans as the accent colour.


Helpful Info:

  • 6 Bits: Wander is available as a collection of patterns that will release through June and July.
  • Canyon releases first on 1 June and Trail releasing 15 June.
  • Talus, Sky, Drumlin and Overlook release 29 June, 1 July, 13 July and 27 July, automatically being added to your Ravelry library!
  • When you pre-order the collection you will receive the pdf patterns one at a time as they are released.
  • The limited time offer on the collection is available for purchase today through 15 June 2015 for $16— less than $3 per pattern!
  • After the 15th the patterns will only be offered as stand alone purchases, without the Look Book, yarn feature or substitution guide.
  • For those wanting some community as they knit this summer there will be a Knit With Friends activity hosted on Ravelry in the With∞Mel group starting June 15th for any and all patterns from 6 Bits: Wander collection.

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