With Mel {video 1}

Aloha All!

The podcast has begun a new season!

Today we find ourselves on the shores of Southern North Carolina, past Kure Beach by Fort Fisher.

It is beautiful!

Today I also start a new feature where we knit together! You may have read on the SinglehandedKnits Post you saw I shared some things to gather in order for us to knit together.

Here you go:

2 or 3 ply yarn I am using Coper Corgi’s Stormy Marsh

Size US 6 circular needles (or needed for gauge)

notecard or paper to jot down the instructions if you need

Gauge: 18 sts by 38 rows in garter after soaking and blocking

The instructions are shared in the podcast, the first of three parts. I hope this will be fun! A little something that we can do together and have in common for our knitting. Be sure to let me know how your progress goes! What yarn you are using and what do you think of it?

Stormy Marsh is lovely and the blending of green and grey is making me happy! The Mac ‘N Cheese  on her site is pretty sweet as well! I think I may try some new colours!

Well enough blathering from me in words…

Why not sit with me on the beach and then head with me to see some beautiful butterflies?



38 thoughts on “With Mel {video 1}

  1. That was wonderful! I will be joining you with the shawl! I have a skein of Three Irish Girls in the color Highgrove. Very similar to your color.
    So happy to se you back and also seeing your use with both hands! Penny xx


  2. mrsdennis93 says:

    Love love your video. I think those flowers outside are called Mexican Hats. They are perinneals. So good to see you on video again, the background was amazing and the butterfly footage, awesome. Your husband looked silly sexy wearing your shawl. Will be picking out my yarn to get started on this shawl. Glad mom is doing well.


  3. miazoe1955 says:

    Thank you! That was so much fun, Mel. I am so happy that your arm has come back to join the rest of your fabulousness. The shawl is so pretty; I think I’ll do a bright pink.


  4. nancyvankessel says:

    Love the video, I realize the reason I love your podcasts are because your smile and the vibes you give off really make me want to participate. I plan to start the shawl tomorrow once I’ve chosen the right happy to see your face again.
    Woolyouknitwithme on ravelry


  5. knitstostaysane says:

    Very nearly spat out my brew at the out takes!! 😉

    Love the butterflies. They’re so pretty and delicate.

    I can’t wait to get home to my stash so that I can’t cast on with you. What’s one more WIP between friends?


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  7. Oh!! Tehehe Mel! I see that here is where I should have posted that I am enjoying this lovely little shawl we are knitting together! My kiddies tell me that I am computer illiterate and I guess they are right! LOL So… anyway…I am really loving this little shawl and am knitting it in a really pretty orange/coral yarn that I have had in my stash forever. It is a baby alpaca/silk/cashmere blend and super soft and squishy! I do need to do more knitting and less cuddling of the yarn though ;P It was so wonderful to see you moving your arm in the video!!! Loved the butterflies! They are all so breathtaking with their flashes of color when the open their wings!!


  8. OffToExplore says:

    I am nearing the end of this first step of the shawl. It is a lot of fun, and something easy to remember while reading aloud to my daughter or doing something else useful. I am using the yarn left over from your Knitting Community College class. My ball is starting to get kind of small, though, so I may be unraveling some of the old swatches to make it to the end of the shawl!


  9. I’m at 135 stitches this am…using some hand-spun that I did during the last week of TDF. I had to wash/wait for it to dry the morning I watched your new beginnings video. It’s a joy to see you back! I’ve only been spinning since February on my Ladybug… improving enough to “joyfully knit” with some of it…rather than slog away so some gets used 🙂
    This 2-ply garter stitch in super fine merino is so squishy…hope I have enough. Might have to buy/spin more or use different color for next section. Which will also have to be spun. (I bought a digital scale recently…anyone making notes on yarn used by weight/percentage?)
    Laurie in Maine


  10. cheriherbek says:

    I just opened your podcast this morning and quickly grabbed some size 7 cables and a leftover skein (about 62 grams worth) of MadTosh ML in Denim….I think…’s a nice light blue, anyway. I can’t wait to see what next week brings! And Mel….I lerve your new shawl pattern, Hapa……gorgeous and the yarn you used is AbFab!


  11. Mel! I’m so so so happy to see your smiling face again! Just watching this I can truly see that your peace comes from the sea. You look radiant! I love this idea of a KAL among friends! I had to pause, back up and play the segment when you gave us shaka with both hands and call my daughter over to see!!! We’re so happy for you! Can’t wait for the next segment!
    Kristin (BittyDittyGirl)


  12. Love your podcast and I’m going to join in and make the shawl. I love it and your instructions are so easy to follow. I’m also knitting the slouchy hat that you have a pattern for. I got it free with your buy one and get one on Ravelry.


  13. I’ve got my size 6 needles and a skein of dream club fingering yarn. It’s 400 yds of 70/20/10, super wash, cashmere, nylon. I love this idea for a KAL…very fresh and fun!!


  14. annebaronsandinmysocks says:

    This is a great idea! I really needed something to spark my knitting again, I’ve been designing and trying to finish an intensive, lacy baby blanket, and well socks just weren’t going to do it. This is fun and I’m using some lovely yarn from your destash! I’m keeping the yarn a secret until it is done =)
    Yay for your you CAN JOIN IN A GIANT WAVE TO WELCOME YOU BACK!! Wooot!!


  15. I am up to the 109 sts and ready to start the next increase section. I’m using some Lorna’s Laces fingering yarn and have plans already to start another with yarn that has been waiting for the perfect pattern – I believe that this pattern fits the bill!


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  17. thesnailgarden says:

    Hi Mel, I recently discovered you through Deb of World of Imagination and I so enjoyed watching this podcast. I have part of a Dazzle skein from NDS and this project looks perfect for it, so I cast on last night and I’m now playing catch-up. Glad to hear that you have recovered from your injury. Best wishes, Pj x


  18. Hello Mel! I don’t know what happened to my previous post but I am at 109 sts on the shawlette. I am excited to make this challenging knit and technique. -) I just hope I have enough yarn. If not I will recast with a new yarn. It is a fun knit thus far.


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